Internet and technologies service provider

Angler Technologies is a pioneering Internet and technologies service provider based in India with worldwide offices. One of their clients’ projects involves engaging and entertaining customers with live streaming events, uploading highlights, and curating content in a customized video platform.

Angler Technologies gathered the casts from thousands of video contributor networks and helped them engage with fans on any devices, anywhere at any time. Their revenue is made from native advertising tools with advanced analytics solutions.

How Katalon help
How Katalon help
The Challenge
Detecting bugs in the development phase and avoiding bug accumulation in application programming interface (API).

Angler’s clients had to test their API to detect bugs in the development phase and to avoid bug accumulation. Additionally, they needed to run a set of API regression tests to verify the services that comply with business logic to deliver the expected output to the users.

The Solution
Generating API test scripts

Angler’s testing team tackled the challenge by generating API test scripts using Katalon Studio. The testing was done by calling the API with different parameter values, as well as by using string comparison to validate the correct response from the server, response time, and response status code validation.

Katalon Studio validated the application’s logic by checking the functional flow to meet the expectation of bug-free APIs. The log defect reports are maintained in Katalon TestOps. Additionally, their team was able to call the scheduled API as many times as required to check if the API remains stable by integrating Katalon with Jenkins (CI).

The Success

Increasing the efficiency in bug detection and making API calls

The final result was that there were more than 80% of coverage in functional testing at Angler Technologies. Katalon Studio has helped the Angler’s testing team reduce cost and time of bug detection in development phases.

Using Katalon Analytics, Angler can now prevent as many bugs as possible before reaching UI level. The API tests can be run and completed in a matter of seconds. The team can run API calls as many times as possible with multiple inputs to measure the response time and performance issues. Their interoperability and integration issues have been reduced as well.

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