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When a website is deployed, anything can happen: broken links, difficult navigation, web security, and many other potential risks. A careful testing process is key to reducing these risks and maintaining web quality.
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What is web testing?
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Web testing best techniques
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Web testing best practices
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What is web application testing?

A web application (app) is a program delivered through the internet in the form of a browser interface. The purpose of a web app is efficiently communicating and exchanging information with its users while being compliant with a variety of browsers and operating systems (OSs).
Web app testing, or web testing, is a software testing practice that helps ensure the quality and functionalities of the app according to the requirements. Web testing must detect all underlying issues, such as functional discrepancies, security breaches, integration problems, environmental issues, or traffic stress before it is delivered.
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Web Application Testing Techniques

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Web App Functionality Testing

One of the most common tests for web apps. Functionality testing checks if the initial build works as per its design. It often covers link testing, form validation, cookie testing, HTML and CSS validation, and database connection checkup.
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Web App Interface Testing

Interface testing examines how the web interface responds to emulated interruptions, as well as its compatibility and interaction between different servers. Three key areas to focus on are the application server, web server, and database server.
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Web App Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing checks whether or not the web design is compatible with a variety of browsers and devices. This includes browser and OS compatibility testing, along with mobile browsing and printing options testing.
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Web App Performance Testing

Performance testing is load testing for web apps. Besides the tests on traffic load, stress tests and scalability tests are also crucial to the web performance, especially when it is potentially released to a large audience.
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How to Effectively Test a Website Application

  • Rigorously carry out cross-browser compatibility testing.
  • Define and select key parameters for usability tests.
  • Execute performance tests under various conditions.
  • Apply tests to all elements, third-party, and extensions of the web app.
  • Ensure load tests are incrementally performed.
  • Incorporate exploratory testing into the software development lifecycle.
  • Keep URL strings unalterable in security tests.
  • Involve the development team throughout the testing process.
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Why Katalon for Web Application Testing

Selenium compliant

Fully inherit Selenium capabilities. Bundled as a simple and robust continuous testing solution.

Unique wait-time control solution

Wait until the web app is completely loaded by the under engine. No timing code needed.

Accurate object spying

Efficiently locate, detect, and store test objects to speed up your scripting process.

Powerful recording utility

Effortlessly generate tests. Automatically store all UI elements to maximize reusability.

Built-in and custom keywords

Quick to start with a rich set of built-in keywords. Robust to extend with custom keywords.
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Smart XPath for auto-healing

AI-powered XPath location mechanism. Generate full sets of XPath options to adapt to AUT changes.

Rich set of plugins

Enhance testing capabilities with Katalon Store plugins — contributed by community and enterprises.

Flexible execution engine

Run tests at any step on multiple browsers and devices — locally or with cloud services.

CI/CD readiness

Various native plugins to integrate with most popular CI tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Azure DevOps, and more.

Insightful quality and performance reports

Diversified reports to control product quality and performance. Easily detect anomalies for improving.
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