With Katalon, the B. Rekencentra team has a powerful tool for their future expansion and scalable projects. They successfully deliver robust software and create value for customers with a stable and secure development pipeline.
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Driving cargo and freight business initiatives through digital initiatives
Based in Belgium, B. Rekencentra NV is a leading provider in cargo and freight software solutions. The enterprise has been in constant operation since 1983 and has supervised projects from the consultation and conception, system development, system integration, system administration to training and support in aircraft weight and balance, container terminal, and aircraft communication through the means of information technology and computer software.
“Software development is our core business. We regularly invest in new technologies and frameworks; and adapt our existing development process to incorporate the new concepts and techniques.”
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Keeping pace with demanding software delivery
The Quality Assurance (QA) team at B. Rekencentra has had nearly three years applying test automation into their web-based projects. Before adopting Katalon Studio, they relied on Selenium.
However, “we needed a tool that can be easily expanded for future test cases, to keep up with the release demands of our customers without breaking the codes.”
“Our focus is the delivery of robust and efficient software to our customers which complies to all specifications. We have an outstanding reputation for providing our customers with significant added value.”
The right tool, with the right features, to fulfill “Quality at Speed"
As technology strategy has increasingly become a core of B. Rekencentra's business strategy, the demand for improved outcomes has grown.
The team was searching for an automation solution that guarantees to fulfill the unrelentingly changing demands of “Quality at Speed." They found Katalon Studio easy for the members to implement new test cases. They also utilized the Smart Wait feature and object locators in Katalon Studio 7, as well as running tests in the console mode and in their own CI/CD ecosystem.
Tangible improvements in code quality and delivery speed
It initially took the team some time to set up the test cases and get all the tests to work properly. But now, the QA engineers can run tests every night, save hundreds of hours spent on strenuous testing activities, and improve the quality of their codes with very little effort.
There's definitely room for improvement. But in general, the software has helped improve their QA productivity and code quality. Because technology is at the heart of B. Rekencentra, this means their customers can stay more engaged with the business, and the business itself can stay resilient to changes in digital transformation.
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“The software has helped our productivity and quality of our code so therefore we would like to thank you and will keep using your software. Please keep up the good work!”
B. Rekencentra