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How Hive CPQ used test automation to improve customer satisfaction and retention

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Simplifying the selling process with product configurator & CPQ software

Hive CPQ configurator is a software that allows clients to work together on configuring specific products concerning their line of work. These products can be from fast acting doors to radar transmitters for level measurement. For the configurator to work flawlessly, it needs a thorough testing method.


Delivering better and faster software using test automation

Hive CPQ initially wrote numerous manual test cases for the software and its behaviour. However, it was not efficient enough. The biggest problem and loss in a startup product is losing a customer.

This usually happens because of an untested, error-prone software. Therefore, like other competitive companies in the same industry, Hive had to cover the entire software with an automatic test executed on a regular basis.


Startup companies often proceed fast without writing any tests for their products as they need to prioritize fast delivery over quality. Moreover, adding a new feature or changing the existing one often leads to regression that may affect the consumer buying process.

“To avoid that, we (Hive CPQ) started writing end-to-end tests—the tool we chose is Katalon and we hit bullseye!”


Writing end-to-end tests


Accelerated test execution

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Katalon Studio is a fairly simple, straightforward automation testing tool—meaning that you do not have to have great programming knowledge in order to write automation test cases. There is also a scripting mode for more advanced users and test cases.Bojan Ognjenovic, QA, Hive CPQ

Katalon Studio allows Hive CPQ to cover all major functionalities of their products in a short amount of time. Hive CPQ was able to accurately locate test objects in their app thanks to Katalon Studio’s compatibility with Angular 2 and the Shadow Dom selector from Katalon (4.8).

Eventually, Hive CPQ started writing test cases in Katalon and almost covered the entire software within a short period of time. The test cases run smoothly—and even if some of them fail, the team can immediately check what went wrong to correct the errors.

“Katalon Studio helps Hive CPQ configurator getting better every day in every way.”