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Advanced Solutions, Simple Steps

The Katalon Platform provides advanced capabilities and integrations to empower teams to improve software quality.

Too Many Tools Increases Inefficiency

Test automation is critical to CI/CD. So why is it so hard? Because DIY and Open Source Solutions are siloed, digitally duct taped and don’t scale.
Avoid DIY
Avoid DIY
Award wining technology led by quality engineers with extensive industry experience. The platform takes Selenium to the next level so you can focus on testing.
End silos
End Silos
DIY tools and single point solutions prevent streamlined processes and create siloed analytics. The platform streamlines processes and ends silos.
Scale easily
Scale Easily
Quickly scale testing capacity, number of users, and environments to adapt to complex testing requirements. The platform dynamically scales to meet your business demands.

One Platform, Many Capabilities

Visual Testing
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Web Testing

Katalon offers intuitive testing for Self-Healing, Smart Wait, Selenium compliance, accurate object spying, powerful recording, and extensive keywords.
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API Testing

API-first strategies are a priority. Katalon API testing allows users to reuse API response data and eliminate third-party dependencies.
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Mobile Testing

Access thousands of cloud-based real mobile devices and emulators to ensure the stability and consistency of your applications.
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Desktop Testing

Automate desktop testing remotely and locally with full Windows support, minimal maintenance, and no coding expertise required.
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Visual Testing

Create visual regression tests, use baseline collections, ignore areas and utilize pixel, AI-driven text and layout-based comparisons.
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Testing Pitfalls

Limited Unit and API testing allows bugs to pass through and creates reliability issues. Prevent these issues with thorough testing.
Testing pitfalls

Testing Pyramid

Testing software requires a clear strategy. Best practices favor the priority of Unit, API and UI testing in that order.
Testing pyramid

Testing is Everyone’s Responsibility

The Katalon Platform empowers every role to play their part in delivering high quality software


Record-and playback or drag-and-drop to create automated tests. Script mode to build custom keywords and actions.

Quality Engineers

Complete library of web, mobile, API and desktop keywords. No more jumping from tool-to-tool for different app types.


Conduct testing operations on SaaS, on-premise or private cloud models. Meet industry privacy regulations.

Managers and Executives

Loop in managers and business stakeholders. Monitor testing processes and software quality in real-time.

Strategic Value

Release with confidence. From web to APIs, Katalon offers a unified platform for continuous software quality delivery
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Write scripts, import projects and get started in minutes.
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Plan and Organize

Create smart test suites, tag tests and schedule test runs.
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Cloud-based browser and mobile environments, leverage virtual containers and unlimited parallel executions.
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Complete visibility with actionable analytics of all your automated testing.