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One platform, many capabilities


Easy to learn, literally get started in minutes. Import your Selenium-based projects and use built-in templates to get started quickly. Run thousands of parallel tests in just a few hours.


Empower teams with flexibility to meet increasing demands of speed, environments, test coverage and process efficiencies.


Use actionable analytics to help teams continuously improve testing workflows and coverage opportunities. Gain full visibility of testing across the whole organization.


Continuous agile delivery applies to our platform too. A comprehensive platform led by test engineers that takes software quality to the next level.
Plan and organise tests with Katalon's automated software testing platform
Author tests with Katalon's automated software testing platform
Execute tests with Katalon's automated software testing platform
Analyze tests with Katalon's automated software testing platform

Plan and Organize

Create smart test suites, tag tests, map test data, select browsers and devices for execution, and schedule test runs all in one place with Katalon TestOps.


Easily write tests, import your Selenium projects, and get started in minutes with low-code flexibility in Katalon Studio.

  • Built-in project templates
  • Reusable test artifacts
  • Accurate record and playback


Execute in CLI mode and integrate with CI/CD systems using Katalon Runtime Engine and Katalon TestCloud.

  • Cloud-based cross browser and mobile device environments
  • Leverage virtual containers like Docker
  • Unlimited parallel executions


Utilizing platform reporting means that you don’t have siloed reports from multiple testing tools. Now, you can have complete visibility and actionable analytics of all your automated testing with Katalon TestOps.

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