Your Guide to The Katalon Platform

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How does Katalon help you test?

A lot of work goes into testing. Most of it happens before and after the test run. Here's a quick look at how Katalon supports you at every phase of a typical testing cycle.
Testing cycle phasesTesting cycle phases

Quick demonstration of Katalon solutions

How easy is it to create automated tests? See for yourself in these short demo videos

Troubleshoot common activation issues

Integrate Katalon with your tech stack easily

Katalon products integrate with a wide variety of tools and frameworks to make your automation journey seamless.

Test all application types

Katalon allows you to test web, API, mobile, and desktop applications in one place. We prepared sample projects for each type so you can try them out.
You can also try other use cases, like data-driven testing or behavior-driven development.

Accelerate your testing with advanced features

Interested in our advanced features? You can watch some demo videos here.

Grow your skills with us

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*Paid features
Testing platformsWeb, mobile, API & desktopWebMobileWeb & APIWeb & mobile emulation
Learning curveEasyHardHardHardMedium
Set up test casesBuilt-in framework, keywords & sample projectsCoding requiredCoding requiredManually adding test elementsCoding required
Test generationLow-code and scriptingScriptingScriptingScriptingScripting
Data-driven testingCSV Files
Oracle SQL & SQL Server JDBC Drivers or data combination
Not supportedManually configure data sourceManually configure data sourceManually configure data source
Parallel testingBuilt-inCoding requiredCoding requiredCoding requiredCoding required
Deployment methodsSaaS
Private clouds
Manually configure pluginsManually configure pluginsManually configure pluginsManually configure plugins
Native integrationsExtensive integrations with Test management & CI/CD, ALMNoNoNoNo
Test maintenanceReuse test cases
AI-powered features: Smart Wait, Self-healing & Debugging mode
Coding requiredCoding requiredCoding requiredAuto-wait & Debugging mode
Test monitoring, reports & analyticsYesNoNoYesNo
Technical supportCommunity support Standard customer support
Dedicated CSM
Community supportCommunity supportCommunity supportCommunity support