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Finding the perfect alternative to Selenium helped System Automation saved 95% of testing time

hours saved per month on software testing
of reduction in release candidate testing
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Sustaining software quality for millions of customers

System Automation Corporation is a provider of software platforms for licensing and board management. Based in Maryland, the company has served more than 500 agencies and 20 million licensees across America for half a century. The MyLicense platform—one of their web application products—was launched 24 years ago and has been a leading licensing and board management platform of the nation.

To maintain their business continuity, the development team needed a test automation solution that persists to secure their web application products.


In search of an alternative to Selenium and a commercial testing solution

The software development team was seeking a replacement for Selenium in terms of technicality, and for a commercial solution they were using at the time in terms of affordability.

“Selenium has a little bit of a learning curve, so when I was figuring out the next potential test automation solution, one of the factors that I took into consideration was the ease of use.”

The team was currently having one Quality Assurance engineer who was a former developer. “I have a more technical background in programming; so Selenium would have been fine for me. But I think of future testers who might not have a heavy technical background, coming into Selenium would be a little bit challenging for them on the technical side, and for the pace of the team.”


Katalon Studio emerged as the perfect solution for the QA engineer to maintain their automated testing plans. At that point, the team was considering another commercial solution as an alternative to Selenium.

Thanks to the short learning curve of Katalon Studio, they can easily scale up their team size as they recruit more testers in the future. Based on the nature of the tool’s design, other coming QA engineers of the team can join and adopt the tool within no time—regardless of their level of programming skills.


An easy-to-adopt and scalable test automation platform for the team at the moment, and in the future


Time spent on testing was reduced by 95.96%

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It's been a huge difference. Before applying automated testing with Katalon Studio, we had to pull people from different departments into the process—and that was extremely time-consuming. With Katalon Studio, we can now take the same amount of work in only 5 to 6 hours."David Dicocco Software Engineer / Quality Assurance Engineer

In the past, the amount of testing needed for release candidate (RC) testing cost the company approximately $2,000 dollars because the process was completely manual. The team had to pull people from every part of the company to be involved in the process—and that took 2 to 3 weeks. With Katalon, the team can now cut down the time to only 5 to 6 hours.