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Katalon Studio Enterprise
All-in-one test automation IDE for professional teams.
Easily create and execute automated tests for web, mobile, desktop, and API.
Simple for beginners, and powerful for pros. Create tests with no-code, full-code, or AI.
Advanced features for debugging, data-driven testing, execution, and reporting.
Easily import selenium projects.
Runtime Engine
Enable parallel test execution at scale and easily integrate with CI/CD. Execute efficiently with headless testing, smart-wait, self-healing, less maintenance and more flexibility.
Katalon Studio Free
Basic test automation for individuals and small teams.
Easily create and execute automated tests for web, mobile, desktop, and API.
Advanced features for debugging, data-driven testing, and reporting.
AI-powered test authoring and test data.

Frequently asked questions

What is Katalon Studio used for?


Katalon Studio is a modern, comprehensive AI-powered automation solution for web, API, mobile, and desktop applications. It provides a unified environment for test automation across different technologies and platforms, making it easy for teams to automate their entire testing lifecycle.

Is Katalon Studio free?


Yes. The free version of Katalon Studio offers test automation features for web, API, mobile, and desktop applications. For more flexible test execution, reporting, high-quality test creation, and customer support, the Enterprise version is a better choice.

Does using Katalon Studio require coding?


No. You can use Katalon without coding or technical expertise.

Is Katalon Studio easy to learn?


Katalon Studio is easy to learn and use. It's designed to be accessible for both beginners and experienced testers.

What programming language does Katalon Studio use?


Katalon supports multiple programming languages, including Groovy, Java, and JavaScript.

Is Katalon built on top of Selenium?


Yes, Katalon Studio is a test automation tool built on top of Selenium with an IDE.

Can I use Katalon Studio for API testing?


Yes. Katalon Studio is designed to help you seamlessly automate API testing without depending on third-party tools or configurations. It supports all types of REST, SOAP/1.1, and SOAP/1.2 requests; you can also import your tests from Swagger, Postman, and WADL/WSDL.

Katalon Studio can also be used for web, desktop, and mobile testing, giving you a comprehensive testing experience and ensures that you can deliver quality across all of your environments.

How can I migrate from Selenium to Katalon?


You can migrate your Selenium tests in TestNG/JUnit framework to Katalon Studio, without having to rewrite the test cases from scratch. Learn more