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How Katalon and SHLOKLABS Helped Auchan Elevate Software Testing and Customer Experience

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A global retailer invests in e-commerce and mobile apps for superior customer experience

Auchan, a multinational retail group based in France, operates various store formats like hypermarkets and supermarkets across numerous countries, and offers a diverse product range, including food, clothing, and electronics. Embracing digital transformation, the group invests in e-commerce and mobile applications to enhance customer experience.

Invest in e-commerce and mobile apps testing to enhance customer experience.
Transition to Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven Development for Improved Software Development

The modernization of e-commerce processes

Auchan operates in a busy retail market, with e-commerce driving the need to modernize various working processes, including a move toward DevOps and improving software testing methods. An essential business requirement is the smooth handling of orders—creating, picking, and monitoring them within the e-commerce system. To address this, automation was introduced to ensure these essential processes run smoothly without interruption, marking a significant step toward improving operations.

The move toward better operations began with the need for a better approach to software development. The challenges faced led to the adoption of test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD) methodologies. These methods were seen as a new way to ensure that software development is more aligned with business needs and outcomes, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and quick response to changing market conditions.

Technical challenges further highlighted the need for a change in approach, especially toward automated testing. Manual testing was a significant challenge, mainly when checking application performance compatibility across different browsers and devices.

Also, the need for repetitive testing before release, including ad hoc and smoke testing, to ensure the stability of existing features was time-consuming under manual testing methods. The chance for manual errors made the process even more inefficient.

  • Auchan found the Katalon platform suitable for its operational challenges as it aligned with their web and mobile testing needs. The selection involved an internal proof of concept, where Runtime Engine and TestCloud solutions stood out, especially for applications without external access and mobile device testing.
  • The implementation started with creating manual test cases, followed by developing test scripts based on these cases. These scripts were grouped into test suites and further organized into test suite collections based on functionality. Some suites were scheduled for daily runs due to their business-critical nature, while others were aligned with the release plan.
  • The Katalon platform was beneficial due to its many features. Katalon Runtime Engine helped run applications that didn’t have external access, Katalon TestCloud made mobile testing across different devices easy, and TestOps™ helped manage and make sense of the test results. Overall, Katalon helped Auchan simplify its testing processes, making operations more efficient in the competitive retail market.

Optimizing testing processes with Katalon, enhancing efficiency and competitive edge

Katalon seamlessly integrated into Auchan's e-commerce system, optimizing testing processes.

Enhancing team efficiency, product quality, and operational reliability

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Katalon's integration has positively impacted our team's effectiveness and the quality of our products, reflecting its pivotal role in enhancing key business operations. The improved reliability, on-time delivery, and reduced errors underscore Katalon's contribution to Auchan's mission.

Improved Team Collaboration:

Katalon facilitates seamless collaboration among distributed teams, bridging geographical and functional silos. This has significantly enhanced team management and unified efforts across the organization. 


Strengthened Report Analysis:

Katalon platform features like concurrent test execution, version control integration, and enriched reporting bolster analytical capabilities. This aids in more informed decision-making and efficient team management. 


Platform Independence:

Katalon enabled testing across multiple platforms and devices, expanding Auchan's testing capabilities and ensuring broader compatibility. 

Katalon provides significant advancements in test execution across platforms, accelerating the testing process and aligning with business objectives. It serves as a reliable asset for DevOps, which helps share test results, manage scheduled tests, and ensure operational efficiency. 

Notably, Katalon's TestOps™ and TestCloud features offer a competitive advantage by reducing time to market through streamlined mobile and browser version testing, enabling rapid responses to market dynamics. This integration addresses the need for automated testing, reducing repetitive testing time and human errors, benefiting product development and maintenance.