AI-powered regression testing
AI-powered regression testing


Instantly create the regression tests that actually matter for coverage. Eliminate blindspots with AI-generated, zero-maintenance tests.
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Today, regression testing is a hamster wheel...

Tests keep getting more complex.
Never enough time to finish testing.
Testing scope keeps increasing.
Katalon TrueTest - overcome regression testing challenges

... and test coverage has big blindspots.

When testers are forced to make their best guess of what they think users are doing in product, there will inevitably be blindspots, so test coverage will have gaps.
the gap of test coverage

Take the pain of regression testing off your plate

Your secret ingredient is AI that sees through all the blindspots and does all the heavy lifting. Using real user activity as your north star, transform your entire approach with TrueTest.

True usage visibility

A true view of what users are actually doing in your product

Instant tests

Instant regression tests for each flow & edge case, ready on-demand

Zero maintenance

Zero test maintenance, automatic updates as the application changes

Coverage without blindspots

Total test coverage that matches what users are actually doing

Everything is easier on the Katalon Platform

The best AI is the one you can actually use, so TrueTest is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Katalon platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the beta work?


This will run like most betas you may be familiar with - you’ll receive free, early access to a great product, and we’ll gain valuable insights from your feedback. Of course, as is the case in most betas, the product is still evolving and some documentation is still being produced.

To request beta access, or to get more information, just fill out the “Join the beta” form on this page.

What types of applications does TrueTest support? What types of use-case are a good fit for the beta?


For now, TrueTest supports web applications, but the tests created for the web application can also utilize and help test APIs within that web app.

If you’d like to know if your specific use-case is a good fit for TrueTest’s beta, ask via the “Join the beta” form and we’ll let you know.

What is required to install and setup TrueTest?


Part of the setup for TrueTest involves installing an AI agent as part of the application under test. The installation is done by adding a lightweight Javascript code snippet to the <HEAD> element of the application under test (AUT). The code snippet can be installed via Google Tag Manager, but you can also use another method of your choice.

We’ll share the latest installation and setup documentation once your request beta access, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have - just ask via the “Join the beta” form.

Will TrueTest affect the performance of the application?


Today, we’ve already got dozens of customers that are using TrueTest in mission-critical applications with enterprise-scale demands.

To ensure our AI Agent does not cause any impacts on the performance of the AUT, we have conducted several performance tests on our own platform, mostly in the form of various page load tests and spike tests.

Based on those tests, we’ve concluded that there is no negative impact on performance, but if you’ve got questions or concerns, we’re happy to share the results of our tests and discuss how we’ve built the agent to be as lightweight and risk-free as possible.

TrueTest tracks user activity in production to generate test cases, but can teams also use TrueTest in a staging environment, or just in production?


The easiest and most common approach is for TrueTest to just be used in production to cover regression testing. During development, testers can manually test the relevant new features, and once those features are released into production, TrueTest then updates and expands the library of regression tests.

But we do have some customers that are also installing TrueTest in their test environment, which allows them to then have PMs, business analysts, and testers act as users so that TrueTest can generate new tests based off their activity in staging.

In the future, we’ll consider making the application graph-editable so that the testers can add more states and transitions for new features, then regenerate flows and test cases combining new and existing features.

We’re happy to help you think through the right approach for your particular situation. Just let us know if you’ve got any questions as you submit your “Join the beta” form.

How does TrueTest work alongside the rest of Katalon’s platform?


TrueTest is automatically integrated with the rest of Katalon’s platform by default, so you can view and edit tests in Studio, you can execute tests via Runtime Engine and TestCloud, and within TestOps you can view reports and analytics, plan and schedule tests, and orchestrate your overall testing program.

TrueTest cases can be exported for use in another platform, but using within the Katalon platform is certainly recommended for a comprehensive, seamless testing experience.

How does TrueTest handle end-users potentially sensitive data? What else should we know about Security and Privacy?


Protecting user privacy is incredibly important to us. TrueTest fits within the rest of Katalon’s Security and Privacy policies, and is covered by our SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications.

Because the TrueTest AI Agent tracks user interactions to generate test cases and build a user journey map, we understand that some of this data may be sensitive and could pose privacy concerns. To address this, we have implemented robust data filtering mechanisms to remove sensitive information before processing the data.

We’re happy to answer any specific questions you’ve regarding how particular sets of data are treated, how our data filtering mechanisms work, and how different 3rd party services are utilized. Just let us know if you’ve got any questions when you submit the “Join the beta” form.

How will TrueTest be priced? How much will it cost?


We don’t know the exact details yet, but like the pricing for the rest of our platform, it will be reasonable, transparent, and competitively priced so that TrueTest’s ROI will be incredibly clear. And of course, any customers that participate in the beta program will receive a discount once the product is priced.

We’re happy to share more details and our current thinking if you’d like - just submit the “Join the beta” form and let us know if you’ve got any questions.

Got other questions? Want to talk to someone from the Product and Engineering team?


Just fill out the “Join the beta” form on this page, and we’ll get back to you with answers to any questions or a time to hope on a call and discuss live.