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How GE Digital centralized their quality assurance process and scaled up at speed

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There weren’t many tools out there that can offer support for so many application types. Katalon offers everything we ever needed, and more.Diana Cazacu, Quality Manager, GE Digital

Building a better world with clean energy

GE Digital is a leading multinational company that specializes in industrial software. GE Digital offers services in software and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) for their customers from industries such as electric utilities, telecommunications, energy, aviation, etc. Their products shape the world we live in by maximizing the usage of renewable energy, reducing emissions, and boosting productivity.


Centralize testing and enhance scalability

GE Digital needed to assure quality for extremely complex applications while relying on a significant number of manual tests. Each project had over 1,000 tests for a single team, and that workload prevented sufficient feedback loops with manual testing.

Another major challenge was the scattered approach that each team adopted to meet their own needs. At the time, each of GE Digital's product teams used different tools, programming languages, and libraries for automated testing. The divergence prohibited their attempts to share automated tests with their customers. Furthermore, its tools at that time did not have the capacity to scale to meet customer demands. GE Digital needed an all-in-one platform that covers desktop, web services, web, and mobile to provide customers with ready-made automated tests.


To enable a full package of testing services for customers, GE Digital needed a centralized testing solution that covered all product types (web, mobile, desktop, API) and standardized test scripts. After experimenting with many testing tools, GE Digital discovered that Katalon was the solution that met all of their requirements.

Initially, a basic pilot project using Katalon was implemented to determine if the platform could meet all of GE Digital’s requirements. The platform exceeded expectations and was soon adopted by GE Digital to support and standardize the entire testing process across the organization.

“When I heard about Katalon, I realized that it was exactly what I wanted to create and it was already created.”
Diana Cazacu - Quality Manager in GE Digital


A unified testing platform


Streamlined test cycles and better services for customers

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Katalon offers the ability to create test variables and override them within the test suites with some external CSV files that are incredibly easy to use."Diana Cazacu,Quality Manager, GE Digital

With Katalon, a frictionless testing process was established for multiple teams, helping them achieve new heights in testing, with features such as:


  • REST web services – simplifying request implementation, response analysis, and scenario development.
  • Test data binding – reducing the effort required to create test variables that can be overridden in a test suite execution with external test data.
  • Automated test scripts – increasing efficiency and speed with a variety of native keywords.


In terms of business value, GE Digital was able to standardize its methods of running tests with Katalon Runtime Engine in Jenkins. This advancement helped to generate more revenue for GE Digital by enabling their customers to purchase unified tests and improved their services significantly.