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Optimise Software Quality With AI: A User-Centric Approach

11:00 AM (ET) | June 20, 2024

Alex Martins, Ben Johnson-Ward

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The Future of Testing: A Roundtable Discussion on AI and Automation

10 AM (EST) - 7:30 PM (IST) - 3 PM (WEST) | June 4, 2024

Katalon, Deloitte, Cigniti, QualityKiosk, Xray

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Katalon Studio AI Testing Transformation

11:00 AM (ET) | May 21, 2024

Chris Dion

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Reader's reviews

Keerthi MadhuriTest Engineer

Kudos to the Product Support team at Katalon for such a comprehensive series on Salesforce testing. I used to run into issues whilst automating Salesforce tests, that was, until I came across their articles on how to keep my Salesforce testing environment clean which has enabled me to test more efficiently and with reduced errors.

Bernard JonesSenior Test Engineer

From time to time, our entry-level testers ran into issues and error codes while testing iOS applications, and it was a hassle having to search online for solutions. But now, thanks to this article, we can confidently test knowing that we have a reliable resource to refer to for iOS testing. Not all error codes were covered in the article, but we're sure that they will update the article in time.

Anjali ModiQA Lead

The KShare series has been a great help in optimizing our team's workflow with the Katalon Platform. We especially appreciate the Product Support team's effort to create and share high-quality custom keywords to the wider community of Katalon users. Keep up the good work!

Meet our contributors

Bhavyansh Ameta

Junior Product Support Specialist

15 Rating

Bhavyansh Ameta

Junior Product Support Specialist15 Rating

Bhavyansh is a Junior Product Support Specialist at Katalon who utilizes his technical expertise to assist users with intelligent solutions. His passion for delivering exceptional support is not just about providing answers but fostering a positive and empowering user experience.

Jordan Bartley

Product Support Specialist

31 Rating

Jordan Bartley

Product Support Specialist31 Rating

Jordan has worked in Quality Assurance, Automated Testing, and Specialist Support roles for several years before joining Katalon. Through his experience, he shows an innate desire to assist clients, take on challenging problems, and work cross functionally with team members to create new solutions.

Khang Dang (Oliver)

Senior Product Support Specialist

10 Rating

Khang Dang (Oliver)

Senior Product Support Specialist10 Rating

Khang is a seasoned Senior Product Support Specialist with a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of Customer Support and Product Troubleshooting. Khang’s dedication to excellence is evident in his meticulous approach to problem-solving, always striving to find innovative solutions tailored to each unique situation. His strong communication skills and ability to empathize with customers ensure that their concerns are not only addressed but also resolved with care and efficiency.

Linh Nguyen

Product Support Manager at Katalon

76 Rating

Linh Nguyen

Product Support Manager at Katalon76 Rating

Linh is the Product Support team Manager at Katalon. She spent many years working as an Automation Testing QA before joining Katalon Product Support as a technical support expert. Based on her experiences, she usually provides consumers with highly applicable solutions. She now manages her team with a user-centric approach to guarantee customers greater success with Katalon Products.

Quan Trinh

Product Support Specialist

4 Rating

Quan Trinh

Product Support Specialist4 Rating

Quan (Chris) is a Product Support Specialist who has offered informative and insightful advice to Katalon users worldwide for years. He is devoted to sustaining your testing journey with Katalon. No limits!!!

Thi (Caryln) Thai

Product Support Specialist at Katalon

11 Rating

Thi (Caryln) Thai

Product Support Specialist at Katalon11 Rating

Caryln enjoys offering supporting and assisting our clients with technical issues and questions, as well as sharing her knowledge and experiences with the wider Katalon Community. She is always available to assist users if they have questions or concerns with Katalon products, and she strives to make sure our users have a positive testing experience.

Thong Tran

Senior Software Engineer at Katalon

64 Rating

Thong Tran

Senior Software Engineer at Katalon64 Rating

A passionate Katalon developer with a wealth of programming and testing expertise. Thong has been dedicated to providing exceptional enterprise support for the past five years, helping Katalon’s customers achieve their testing goals with ease.

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