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How Eni Plenitude reduced testing time, increased quality, and maximized cost savings with Katalon

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Driving sustainable energy solutions

Eni Plenitude is an Italian company that specializes in the sale and marketing of gas and electricity for households and businesses. Additionally, the company is actively involved in the production of renewable energy and manages charging points for electric vehicles. 

Eni gas e luce was established on July 1st, 2017, after the transformation of the previous Gas and Power division into a new retail company for gas and electricity under the management and control of Eni. The company is part of the Eni group, founded in 1953. 

Eni Plenitude S.p.A. Società Benefit is now part of the Eni group, which combines the production of renewables, the sale of energy and energy services, and a network of charging points for electric vehicles. In March 2022, Eni gas e luce changed its name to Plenitude, which further solidified its commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Breaking down silos

Software development organizations often struggle with siloed teams, causing conflicts and increased costs. At Eni Plenitude, developers would create code, and then pass it on to centralized operations and test teams. However, this process caused friction, resulting in delays and longer feedback loops, ultimately slowing down time to market. ENI Plenitude realized the need for DevOps to encourage collaboration between development and operations teams.

ENI Plenitude had two test teams in charge of automating performance tests. Automated tests were used for non-regression testing, with plans to implement them in agile teams at the start of software development. This change aimed to reduce friction points, improve team collaboration, and ultimately lead to faster releases and higher customer satisfaction.

Automating tests is essential for lowering costs and meeting quality benchmarks throughout the software testing process. Yet, it also presents new obstacles. A significant hurdle is identifying glitches early and promptly fixing them. Achieving this necessitates ongoing monitoring, testing, and feedback loops, which can be hard to handle without a sound DevOps strategy.


ENI Plenitude found Katalon to be an ideal solution for their challenges for multiple reasons:

First, Katalon is a unified and easy-to-use platform that integrated well with their ecosystem. The ENI Plenitude team found it to be well-documented, and its global support and active community made it attractive to the users.

Second, Katalon provided capabilities for desktop, web, and mobile testing. The team was able to create tests easily and share them, promoting a continuous improvement environment, and enhancing collaboration. Katalon provided an excellent interface to allow users with varying levels of programming skills to create tests.

Finally, ENI Plenitude found Katalon to be the most valuable and cost-effective solution in the market. They were able to reduce time spent on testing while increasing the quality of the tests.


Embracing DevOps and Test Automation


Streamlined Test Automation and Faster, High-Quality Releases

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In today's fast-paced world of software development, organizations like ENI Plenitude often face a common challenge of siloed teams leading to conflicts in goals and increased costs.

ENI Plenitude's adoption of the Katalon platform has had a significant impact on their software development process.

The top benefits of using Katalon include:

  • Test coverage: Katalon has enabled ENI Plenitude to achieve 85% coverage of non-regression tests before each production release, ensuring that software releases are of high quality and free from defects.
  • Increased efficiency: With Katalon, ENI Plenitude can perform all the necessary non-regression tests in less than a day, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on testing and enabling faster software releases.
  • Integrated test automation: Katalon has allowed ENI Plenitude to create a unique, integrated, standard, and recognized Test Automation made entirely with "one product," streamlining the test automation process and improving consistency across the organization.
  • Seamless integration: Katalon's full integration with test suites in the form of pipelines with Azure DevOps, Power BI, and other tools chosen by Plenitude has facilitated collaboration in Agile and non-Agile Teams, in the DevOps context. This has led to a more streamlined software development process and improved communication across teams.