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How Cigniti and Katalon reduced testing efforts by 50% for a leading cruise line in the US

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Streamline testing tools for premier cruise line client

Cigniti’s premier client, a large cruise line headquartered in Florida, rolled out a fleet of the three most modern ships in the world. The cruise line commissioned Cigniti to develop web, mobile, and tablet automation supporting the back office, onboard staff, and customers. With multiple applications to write, test, and support, a mix of testing tools was employed, most of which were open-source.


Navigating the diversity of testing tools

  • Cigniti employed various tools for different types of testing (mobile, web, API), lacking a unified solution due to tool limitations.
  • Managing multiple tools, each with diverse configurations, led to increased complexity and a time-consuming setup.
  • Maintenance was ongoing, requiring user-script development.
    Collaboration among testers and engineers was crucial, but finding skilled professionals posed challenges, making test maintenance a significant effort.

The cruise line adopted Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) to address testing challenges. Cigniti chose Katalon due to its unified framework structure, comprehensive capabilities for mobile, web, and API testing, integrations with other CI/CD tools, superior version control, and support for various testing frameworks.

Katalon's ease of use, low-code capabilities, and compatibility with open-source tools like Selenium and Appium were highlighted. It offered a Keyword-Driven approach for faster script creation, cloud platform integration, and end-to-end testing for web, mobile, and API applications.


A unified platform for streamlined testing across applications


A more efficient and enjoyable testing journey

  • Katalon's operational simplicity has significantly benefited Cigniti, making it accessible to individuals with limited technical knowledge. The platform’s ease of use and quick learning curve have reduced the testing team's efforts by an average of 50%. Katalon Studio and Runtime Engine have improved testing speed, coverage, and overall productivity for Cigniti.
  • The all-in-one solution, comprehensive documentation, strong support, and compatibility with multiple frameworks have streamlined their testing processes, eliminating the need for multiple tools and enhancing efficiency and satisfaction in their testing journey.