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100 Test Cases For Ecommerce Website (With Template + Detailed Guide)

100 test cases for ecommerce websites and online shopping websites


E-commerce websites are growing faster than ever, and they are also the most challenging when it comes to testing. With thousands, sometimes millions of pages with complex features, complex search functionality, and security requirements, E-commerce websites require testers to have in-depth knowledge of the field. 

In this article, we will list out the most common and essential test cases for E-commerce websites and categorize them in groups. We also include a sample test case document for this page so that you can get started more quickly.  

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Free Test Case Template To Download

To best write your test cases, you should always have a test case template, which we have prepared in PDF, Doc, and Excel sheet formats for you to download. Simply hit the button below and start noting down your test cases right away. 




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Why Test Ecommerce Websites?

  • Rigorous testing ensures positive User Experience, which is a competitive edge in such a crowded field.
  • Retail E-commerce sales is projected to grow considerably in the next few years.
  • E-commerce website performance is a direct contributor to conversion rate, and performance testing reveals areas of low performance (high loading speed, poor responsiveness, etc.) to improve.
  • Users visit E-commerce websites from a wide variety of devices, browsers, and OS, calling for robust cross-browser testing.

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Types of Testing For Ecommerce Websites

No matter what website you are testing, these are always the testing types that you should consider when developing your test plan document.

  • Functional Testingthis involves testing individual functions of the E-commerce website to ensure they work correctly according to the defined requirements. All components of an E-commerce site, such as product search, shopping cart, and payment processing, should undergo functional testing.
  • Integration Testing: integration testing is simply checking if 2 or more components are working together as expected. E-commerce websites require a lot of communication and data transferring from 1 component to another. That’s not to mention the integrations between the site with external third-party plugins/services. 
  • Visual Testing: the quality of product images does impact the final buying decision of customers, and a visually buggy product page (overlapping text, missing images, blurry images, etc.) is enough to drop their trust. Visual testing helps testers identify those pitfalls and make timely changes.
  • API Testing: considered as a subset of integration testing, API testing ensures that the API used on the website is working properly, transferring and retrieving the right data, and its usage is monitored closely.
  • Performance Testing: considered as a non-functional testing type, performance testing does not check if the feature works, but rather if the feature works at the required speed, efficiency, and reliability.

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Want a tool to test your Ecommerce websites? We have compiled a comprehensive list for you:

Important Test Cases For Ecommerce Websites

1. Functional Test Cases For Ecommerce Websites

Amazon ecommerce website functional testing
Functional test cases for Ecommerce website Amazon
  • Verify that the homepage loads successfully.
  • Test the functionality of the "Sign In" button on the homepage.
  • Ensure that the "Sign Up" button works as expected.
  • Verify that product categories are correctly displayed on the homepage.
  • Test the sorting options on the product listing page.
  • Check if the product details page opens when a product is clicked.
  • Verify that the "Add to Cart" button adds products to the shopping cart.
  • Test the functionality of the shopping cart icon.
  • Ensure the "Remove" button in the shopping cart works.
  • Verify that product reviews and ratings are displayed correctly.
  • Test the "Track Order" functionality.
  • Check the "Contact Us" page for proper functionality.
  • Verify that links to social media profiles work.
  • Test the currency and language selection options.
  • Ensure that the website footer links are functional.
  • Test the advanced search feature with filters.
  • Verify the accuracy of product recommendations on the homepage.
  • Test the "Notify Me" feature for out-of-stock products.
  • Verify that the "Continue Shopping" button works during checkout.
  • Test the accessibility of the website for users with disabilities.


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2. Login Test Cases For Online Shopping Websites

Login/signup test cases for ecommerce website Thistle
  • Verify successful login with valid credentials.
  • Test login with an incorrect password.
  • Check login with an incorrect username/email.
  • Test login with a locked or suspended account.
  • Verify the "Forgot Password" link functionality.
  • Test login using social media account credentials.
  • Check for case sensitivity in usernames and passwords.
  • Verify the session timeout behavior.
  • Test login with special characters in the password.
  • Test login with a blank username and password fields.
  • Ensure the "Remember Me" functionality works as expected.
  • Test the "Logout" functionality.
  • Check for security measures like CAPTCHA during login.
  • Test login on multiple devices and browsers.
  • Verify that login attempts are logged for security monitoring.
  • Test login with two-factor authentication (if supported).
  • Verify login with biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint, face ID).
  • Test login using a one-time password (OTP).
  • Verify login with a security token or smart card (if supported).
  • Test login using a hardware security key (e.g., YubiKey).

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3. Test Cases For Registration Page On Ecommerce Websites

  • Verify successful user registration with valid information.
  • Test registration with missing required fields (e.g., email, password).
  • Check for proper error messages when registration fails.
  • Test registration with a pre-existing email or username.
  • Verify password strength validation during registration.
  • Test registration using special characters in the name and address fields.
  • Check if registration data is stored securely.
  • Test registration using different browsers.
  • Verify that registration confirmation emails are sent.
  • Test the redirection after successful registration.

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See How You Can Test Your eCommerce Site Across Browsers Better


4. Test Cases For Search Functionality On Ecommerce Websites

search functionality test cases for online shopping websites
Test cases for search functionality on ecommerce website
  • Test product search using valid keywords.
  • Verify that the search result page displays products.
  • Test searching with misspelled keywords and check for suggestions.
  • Verify that empty search fields provide a proper message.
  • Test searching with special characters in the query.
  • Check for case insensitivity in search queries.
  • Verify that advanced search filters work as expected.
  • Test search with a combination of filters.
  • Ensure that the search bar is present on all pages.
  • Test searching for out-of-stock products.
  • Verify that the search bar works on mobile devices.
  • Test the responsiveness of the search results page.
  • Check if the search functionality respects user permissions.
  • Test search with a very long query string.
  • Verify that the "Clear" button in search filters works.

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5. Product Catalog Test Cases

  • Verify that all product categories are listed.
  • Test filtering products by category.
  • Verify that product images are displayed correctly.
  • Test the accuracy of product descriptions.
  • Verify that prices are correctly displayed.
  • Test sorting products by price.
  • Check for product availability indicators.
  • Test the "New Arrivals" section for accuracy.
  • Verify that product ratings are displayed.
  • Test the product comparison feature.
  • Check for related product recommendations.
  • Test the "Quick View" feature for product details.
  • Verify that the catalog page loads within an acceptable time.
  • Test the responsiveness of the catalog page.
  • Check for accessibility of product information for screen readers.


6. Shopping Cart Test Cases

functional test cases for add to cart button on ecommerce websites

  • Test adding a product to the shopping cart.
  • Verify that the cart icon updates with the item count.
  • Test removing a product from the cart.
  • Verify that the cart total is correctly calculated.
  • Test updating the quantity of items in the cart.
  • Check for proper validation of quantity input.
  • Verify that discounts and coupons are applied correctly.
  • Test the "Continue Shopping" button in the cart.
  • Verify that the "Proceed to Checkout" button works.
  • Test cart persistence across user sessions.
  • Check for a confirmation message after adding/removing items.
  • Test cart functionality with both registered and guest users.
  • Verify that the cart is emptied after the order is placed.
  • Test cart interactions on mobile devices.
  • Check for security measures to prevent cart manipulation.

7. Test Cases For The Checkout Process

test cases for coupons on ecommerce websites

  • Verify that the checkout process starts from the cart.
  • Test selecting a shipping address during checkout.
  • Verify that users can add/edit shipping addresses.
  • Test selecting a payment method.
  • Verify that users can add/edit payment methods.
  • Test the application of discounts and coupons.
  • Verify the order summary and item details on the checkout page.
  • Test the "Place Order" button functionality.
  • Verify the display of order confirmation details.
  • Test the "Continue Shopping" option after checkout.
  • Verify that taxes and shipping costs are accurately calculated.
  • Test the ability to review and edit the order before placing it.
  • Verify that the checkout process remains secure.
  • Test the responsiveness of the checkout page.
  • Check for accessibility of checkout steps for users with disabilities.
  • Test payment processing using valid credit card details.
  • Verify that the payment gateway processes transactions successfully.
  • Test payment processing with an invalid credit card number.
  • Verify the handling of declined payments.
  • Test payment using alternative methods (e.g., PayPal, Apple Pay).
  • Verify that payment confirmation emails are sent.
  • Test payment processing with international currencies.
  • Verify that the billing address matches the payment details.
  • Test payment processing while changing the payment method.
  • Verify the behavior of the payment gateway during high traffic.
  • Test payment processing on mobile devices.
  • Check for security measures like CVV validation.
  • Test the cancellation of payment during the checkout process.
  • Verify that users receive payment receipts.
  • Test payment processing on different browsers.
  • Verify the encryption of payment data for security.

8. Test Cases For Shipping And Delivery

test cases for reviews and ratings on ecommerce websites

  • Verify that the shipping address entered by the user is validated for accuracy and completeness.
  • Test entering an incomplete or invalid shipping address to ensure it's rejected.
  • Test the selection of different shipping methods during checkout (e.g., standard, express).
  • Verify that the estimated delivery dates for each option are accurate.
  • Test the accurate calculation of shipping costs based on the chosen shipping method and destination.
  • Verify that shipping costs are displayed clearly to the user during checkout.
  • Test the functionality to track the status and location of a shipped order.
  • Verify that users receive tracking information and updates via email or SMS.
  • Test the system's ability to send notifications to users when their package is out for delivery.
  • Verify that users receive notifications upon successful delivery.
  • Test the ability to process and track international shipments, including customs documentation.
  • Verify that users are informed of any additional import duties or taxes.

How To Test Better With Katalon Platform

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Katalon Platform is a comprehensive AI-augmented software quality management platform, helping you to orchestrate the entire web testing lifecycle from test creation, execution, maintenance, to reporting. With its automation capabilities, you can easily test thousands of pages on your E-commerce website.


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You can leverage the Record-and-Playback features to capture test objects and record a sequence of activities on the webpage. This sequence is turned into a test script that can then be re-executed in regression testing sessions. There is also a library of built-in keywords that you can drag-and-drop to build a full test script.


Katalon Platform also supports running scripts on a wide range of devices, browsers, and testing environments, allowing QA teams to perform a lot of testing activities in just 1 place instead of having to spend time configuring environments and constantly switching tools. 


Here's a quick interactive demo to show you how that works:



The platform integrates seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline thanks to its diverse integration ecosystem. Not just that, Katalon even has native, home-grown AI capabilities to analyze the user journey on your website and recommend you the exact test cases that you need. Check out Katalon's AI features here.



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