Katalon vs TestComplete: A Detailed Comparison

Katalon vs TestComplete A Detailed Comparison


Testing is an essential part of any software development project to meet the ever-rising quality standards and deliver exceptional user experience. QA teams usually leverage automation testing tools with robust features to streamline this process and deliver quality faster. In this article, we compare 2 of the top candidates loved by QA professionals over the world: Katalon vs TestComplete.

What will we cover in this review?

We aim to provide the most comprehensive, unbiased, and objective review of both tools so that you can have a good starting point to do further research before making into the final decisions. Specifically, we will address the following concerns:

  1. General overview of Katalon vs TestComplete
  2. Key feature comparison of Katalon vs TestComplete
  3. Actual user review of Katalon vs TestComplete
  4. Case studies

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Katalon vs TestComplete: A Detailed Comparison

You can have a look at this table to better understand the key differences between the 2 tools:




Supported Application Types

  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Packaged Apps
  • API
  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Packaged Apps

Ease of Use

No-code and Low-code mode for inexperienced users. Scripting mode available.

No-code and Low-code mode available. Scripting mode available.

Scripting Languages

Supports Groovy and Java primarily.

Supports JavaScript, Python, VBScript, C++Script, and others.

Keyword-driven Testing



Data-driven Testing

Yes. Compatible with a wide variety of data sources. Supports data mapping and test data management

Yes. Test data management available with a Data Generator Wizard.

BDD Testing



Cross-browser Testing



GPT-powered Test Generation



Built-in AI For Autonomous Regression Testing



Mobile Testing

Provides mobile testing with a device farm and emulator support.

Mobile testing capabilities with access to cloud device farms.

Performance Testing

Require integration with Octoperf

Require integration with LoadComplete or LoadNinja


Test debugging within the Katalon Studio IDE. Automatic test failure retry.

Keyword test debugger and script debugger as an aid to develop test cases.

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.

Summary report after test run with detailed insights

Community & Support

Strong community support with extensive documentation and forums.


Check out Katalon Forum

Extensive community and professional support, with a vast knowledge base.


Check out TestComplete Forum


Free, free trial, and paid versions available with different feature sets.

Commercial tool with various licensing options, including a free trial.

Cloud Testing

Offers cloud-based testing solutions.

Supports cloud-based testing, including integration with cloud device farms.

Test Management

Integrated test management with test case organization.

Advanced test management features with robust test case management.

Continuous Integration

Seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines.

Strong CI/CD integration, compatible with various CI tools.

Version Control Integration

Supports integration with Git and other version control systems.

Integrates with popular version control systems

1. Katalon Overview

Katalon logo


Katalon is a comprehensive testing platform, enabling QA teams of all sizes to write, manage, and execute tests for web, desktop, mobile, and API. This makes Katalon a truly unified, all-in-one solution for your team.

No matter if you are an individual user simply looking to write test cases for your development project faster or a global enterprise with a highly sophisticated testing project having hundreds of dependencies, you can always find some value in the comprehensive nature of Katalon.

execute test cases in Katalon Studio

As you can see here, within Katalon Studio, you can write and execute your tests on a rich array of environments, both locally, remotely, and even on-cloud. For mobile app testing, you can also upload your application to Katalon to achieve the highest level of realism.

Katalon Studio is also where you write tests. You have 3 modes to choose from:

  1. No-code: enter the Record-and-Playback mode, then perform all of your test steps manually. Katalon records that sequence of actions and turns them into a test script that you can easily re-execute whenever you want.
  2. Low-code: leverage Katalon’s library of Built-in Keywords. They are essentially also code snippets with customizable parameters that you can easily modify. Think of them as ready-to-use templates for your test scripts. If you build one such library by yourself, the effort to maintain it is not at all small. Katalon does that for you.
  3. High-code: want even more customization? Enter the Scripting mode and write a full test script on your own, while simultaneously enjoying the low-code features. That is why even the most experienced tester can have quite a productivity boost when testing with Katalon Studio.

The best thing is that you get a bunch of AI-powered features to go along with this. For example, you have StudioAssist, which does two primary tasks: generate test scripts based on your GPT prompts, or explain test scripts in non-technical terms for all stakeholders to understand. You have a coder and business analyst straight in Katalon.

Katalon AI to generate code and explain code

Katalon TrueTest™ is another revolutionizing feature built for regression testing. TrueTest™ analyzes the user activity in your product, then identifies the critical areas that need testing. After that, it generates all of the test cases you need, and all you have to do is choose which tests to run. Talking about offloading tasks!

Since TrueTest™ leverages Machine Learning technology, the more it “learns” about your system, the more tailored its recommendations can become. Over time, you can have an AI agent built specifically for your organization’s testing needs.

Katalon TrueTest AI to autonomously analyze and create regression test cases

Katalon also takes care of the test management and test maintenance part. Traditionally, QA teams usually leverage a test case template, usually in Google Sheets, to help them note down test cases and track their execution status. However, this approach creates friction, since Google Sheets is not linked to your test execution activities. Testers have to manually update the test results. Katalon TestOps, built with Test Operations best practices in mind, handles all of those administrative tasks in the background so you can truly focus on the actual testing part.

Katalon TestOps for test management


Katalon TestOps also supports parallel testing, so you can schedule a test suite to automatically run at a predefined time. Finally, Katalon generates test reports with rich insights for you to make informed quality decisions.


Download Katalon and Witness its Power in Action

test reporting features with Katalon

2. TestComplete Overview

TestComplete is an automated testing environment for a wide variety of application types, including (but not limited to) Windows, .NET, WPF, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, Java, web applications, and mobile. With TestComplete, you can build test cases using Keywords that simulate user actions with the Application Under Test, perform Record-and-Playback, then execute those test cases across environments. This makes TestComplete also a comprehensive choice for teams with a strong focus on functional testing and unit testing.

TestComplete is part of the SmartBear suite of software quality tools. The focus of TestComplete is on functional testing, so in order to access extended functionality (API testing, code review, performance testing, etc.), you need to integrate with other SmartBear products. However, whatever your choice, you can always benefit from a robust community and professional support of the company.

As you can see here, TestComplete also provides a comprehensive list of Keywords (called Operations in the product) for you to choose from. You can also modify the parameters of these keywords to make them perform the specific actions you want. 

Built-in Keywords for low-code test creation in TestComplete

TestComplete also provides a Record-and-Playback capability to help inexperienced users craft test cases more easily. These test cases can then be re-executed across environments. TestComplete comes with several features to assist the execution process, such as Test scheduling, Parallel testing, Batch test runs, Shut down after tests, and more.


TestComplete Record and Playback feature for no-code test creation


TestComplete supports a vast ecosystem of integrations, including CI/CD integrations, source-control systems, Selenium, and even BitBar Cloud (a SmartBear platform to provide cloud-based mobile app testing). Check out the SmartBear TestComplete product page here!

Katalon vs TestComplete User Review

Listen to testimonials from real users! Check out the reviews of both tools here:

  1. Katalon G2 Reviews
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Wrapping Up

In short, Katalon is a comprehensive testing platform supporting end-to-end web, desktop, mobile, and API testing. TestComplete is also a similar testing platform, and while it does not offer API testing, TestComplete still belongs to the SmartBear ecosystem with a lot of products catering to a wide variety of testing needs. The final decision of which tool to use depends a lot on your team's specific needs. Read More: How To Choose An Automation Testing Tool


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