Katalon Studio

Write better tests faster, with no-code or full-code.
Easy for beginners, yet powerful for pros.
Flexibility to test any app.
katalon studio
Testing is hard work.
Studio makes
test automation
Write tests faster
Easy no-code test recording + powerful full-code scripting.
Identify issues quickly & clearly
Advanced yet intuitive debugging to quickly ID root causes.
Simplify & streamline the overall testing process
Author, execute, analyze, and organize everything in one place.
Supercharge testers & test smarter with AI
Boost productivity by letting AI handle the heavy lifting.
Test anything. Integrate with everything
One tool for web, mobile, API, desktop, and packaged apps. Robust, native integrations for seamless testing.
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Seconds to setup

Start testing in 60s

1 easy download
No new drivers to set up. Everything out-of-the-box.
Seamless, simple setup
Easy Selenium imports. 1-click integrations.
Built-in best practices
Multiple of templates, samples, wizards, and Katalon Academy.
Easily write tests

No code


Full code

No code

Easy no-code testing using Record and Playback. Leverage built-in project templates, recycle test artifacts to reduce testing efforts.
"An excellent starting point to testing with codeless testing."
Vincent H.
Seeking Software Automation

Interactive tour: Easily write tests

AI-powered authoring

Generate test scripts instantly. Explain code with 1 click.
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Generate code
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Explain code

Run tests with total flexibility

Run inside Studio
Execute a test case, test suite, dynamic test suite, and test suite collection in Katalon Studio. Learn more
Execute in the cloud
Instant access to on-demand multi-browser testing environments without the hassle of manual setup and maintenance. Explore TestCloud
DevTestOps: Easily plug tests into CI/CD pipelines
Execute automated tests in CLI mode, schedule tests, integrate with CI/CD systems, or bundle and parallelize tests to execute in virtual containers like Docker. Explore Runtime Engine
Smarter, faster execution, with less maintenance
Detect broken locators to propose working alternatives
Automatically wait for all front end process of a page to complete before taking further test steps.
Test scheduling and parallel execution
Maximize resource utilization and gain early feedback on quality with shortened execution time.
Native Cl/CD integrations
No complicated workarounds to connect with the most popular Cl tools: Jenkins, Azure DevOps and many more.

Everything you need to test with confidence

Accurate object spying
Identify, capture and store all onscreen objects. View in detail every single property, method, field and event.
Productive Record-and-Playback
Create tests twice as fast with low-code options. Recycle recorded artifacts and work from any steps on active browsers.
Flexible test design options
Equipped with manual and scripting modes for both beginners and advanced users.
Switch view
AI-powered test generation
Automatically generate test code based on prompts and explain a selected code snippet.
Content assist utilities
Make scripting easier with built-in object spying, object refactoring and context-sensitive suggestions.
Advanced debugger
Intuitive debug perspective to isolate root causes with all information about variables, breakpoints and expressions.
Fast scripting with Keyword-driven Testing
Make use of rich set of custom keywords to cut down time to create, execute and maintain automated tests.
BDD convention supported
Support for web, API, desktop, packaged apps.
Extensive Data-driven Testing
Supports multiple data sources (XLS, CSV) and databases with effective parameterization to maximize test coverage.

Loved by 30K teams of all sizes

"Simplicity, ease and convenience bundled with a plethora of features that has made testing and test orchestration a cake walk. Scaling up is also pretty easy and fast"
Monty B
Monty B
Test Architect
"Katalon tool is really east tool to testers who come from non technical background. Easy way to build test scripts in many forms like BDD driven test case framework, TDD test driven framework. Also we have many platforms like cross browser and cross platform testing capabilities"
Swapnil T.
Swapnil T.
SDET Information Technology and Services
"Codeless tool - people with no programming background can create tests Visual representation of test steps Scripting option - scripts in Groovy language (Java family) makes test reusable and customizable. You can also write code in Java since these languages are fully compatible IDE is just great"
Peter K.
Peter K.
Software Developer Computer Software
"Katalon has very small learning curve which allows manual tester to do the automation testing. Being a manger it is always difficult to manage Automation and Manual tester separately, Katalon allows tester to become cross-functional and work as functional and automation tester simultaneously."
Monish p.
Monish p.
Test Manager
"An excellent starting point to testing with codeless testing"
Vincent H.
Vincent H.
Test Analyst