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TrueTest™ – Effortless AI-Powered Regression Testing

Katalon TrueTest AI-powered regression testing


Regression testing is a necessary process that grows over time, consuming larger amounts of testing capacity as applications scale in features.
Katalon TrueTest™ addresses this hurdle by using artificial intelligence (AI) to allow quality engineering teams to realign their limited resources to spend more time validating and testing new release features while relying on Katalon to create, maintain, and run regression tests on existing application code.

What Is TrueTest™?

TrueTest is a groundbreaking approach to automated regression testing, driven by real user behavior rather than rigidly defined requirements. Integrated into the Katalon Platform, TrueTest harnesses the power of AI and application monitoring to map user journeys and generate automated tests to cover those journeys in your test environment before you release. It's a game-changer for quality engineering teams seeking to ensure continuous software quality without compromising speed. Discover How TrueTest Works.

Addressing the Challenges of Modern Software Testing

Katalon TrueTest tackles three significant challenges that plague software testing and quality engineering teams:

Maintaining Relevant Regression Testing

The constant churn of continuous delivery and technical debt takes its toll on limited quality team capacity, leading to stalled or failed test automation maintenance efforts. Each software release requires quality teams to reevaluate existing regression tests and fix any broken ones. TrueTest simplifies this process by understanding how real users behave in production and generating new regression tests as user behavior changes. This eliminates the need for manual efforts to remediate broken tests. It also allows teams to stay in sync with evolving user and customer behavior by incorporating new tests into the regression test suites.

Release Speed vs. Quality

As developers leverage AI to create code at an unprecedented speed, QA teams are pushed to keep up but often don't have the necessary means to do so. TrueTest enables those teams to stop thinking about regression testing so they can focus their time and effort on ensuring new features are working as expected without slowing down the release.

Automation Costs and Time to Value

Test automation is key to agile CI/CD pipelines and DevOps processes. Unfortunately, it often consumes valuable time and resources. Many teams prioritize automating new features, leaving regression testing to manual efforts during the lengthy process of building a suite of automated tests. TrueTest flips this script by generating and maintaining a comprehensive and continuously relevant suite of automated regression tests in a fraction of the time of traditional test generation tools and methods.


The Future of Testing: A Roundtable Discussion on AI and Automation

TrueTest and the Katalon Platform

TrueTest redefines regression test automation by beginning with a deep understanding of what users are genuinely using in production. It then generates automated tests based on these user flows to ensure the next release of the application won't break those real user flows once the new code is deployed to production.

As mentioned earlier, TrueTest automation scripts are based on Katalon Studio coding standards and can not only be viewed and modified in Katalon Studio, but can also leverage the other intelligent and AI-powered features of the Katalon Platform:

  • Scalable execution: Tests can be executed on premises or in the cloud, ensuring flexibility in your testing environment.
  • Broad integration support: Supports Agile, CI/CD, and DevOps ecosystems.
  • Advanced planning and organization: Efficiently plan and organize your testing efforts, optimizing your QA processes.
  • Reporting, AI analysis, and insights: Gain valuable insights into your test results through advanced reporting and AI-powered analysis.
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With TrueTest, the Katalon Platform delivers a comprehensive approach to automated regression testing, allowing quality engineering teams to stay ahead of the curve, ensure software quality, and drive innovation without compromising on speed.

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In a world where software development is fast, Katalon's TrueTest is your trusted partner in maintaining quality and agility. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional testing and embrace a new era of automated regression testing powered by real user activity. 

Welcome to the future of software quality assurance with Katalon TrueTest.

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