How TrueTest™ Works - A Practical Guide

How does TrueTest work

In testing, it's crucial to grasp the subtleties of how users interact with your product to ensure its quality. TrueTest employs AI to develop a clear, comprehensive map based on actual user activity, subsequently generating all necessary regression tests automatically to ensure thorough coverage.

This innovative approach to regression testing not only provides better coverage without blind spots but also significantly saves time for teams by automating the test creation and maintenance processes. Here is how it works: 

How Does TrueTest Work

TrueTest general workflow
Image 1. TrueTest general workflow

Understanding User Behavior through AI

TrueTest is easy to set up with only two steps. The process starts with configuring the application in the production environment in TrueTest. Then the second step follows the tried and true best practices of digital insights and real user monitoring products to just add a code snippet to the HTML code of the application in production. That enables TrueTest to monitor real user behavior to identify the user journeys in the application. This is a very trivial practice for marketing and front-end development teams as they already leverage similar products to capture user behavior and make business decisions.

Setting up a custom HTML tag in the application under test
Image 2. Setting up a custom HTML tag in the application under test

Data privacy is top of mind for TrueTest. So it comes out of the box with a list of data types that will never leave the real user's browser in production; therefore TrueTest will never see it. In addition, the Katalon TrueTest user can further exclude additional data types and entire portions of the application UI that are sensitive and, therefore, TrueTest should never be able to see.

Click here for more details on how to set up the Katalon AI agent for TrueTest.

User Journey Maps

Since TrueTest understands how real users navigate the application in production, it can generate User Journey Maps (see image below). These maps visually display the unique end-to-end flows through pages (in blue) and actions (in gray) and the overall usage of those flows by users of your application. From this view, testers, application owners, and developers can see how users are traversing the application, gaining unprecedented clarity on which are the most business-critical areas based on the actual usage of the application. 

Click here to learn more about user journeys generated by TrueTest™


User journey maps as visualized by TrueTest
Image 3. User journey maps as visualized by TrueTest

Test Generation ready to run with Test Data

TrueTest automatically generates data-driven test cases in Katalon Studio format for those business-critical flows based on real user traffic volume. However, you can quickly dive into the list of all identified real user flows and select additional ones to generate test cases for. This allows testers and teams to apply their business knowledge of the application to include testing of features that might not be very used today in production but that are of high business value and must always work.

User flows with test cases generated by TrueTest
Image 4. User flows with test cases generated by TrueTest

The best part is when TrueTest identifies changes in how real users navigate the application in production, it enables the Katalon TrueTest user to, with the click of a button, re-generate new tests that will reflect that new real user behavior. This means Katalon just removed the regression test maintenance work off the testers' plates!

Further, TrueTest users can take advantage of all the available features on the Katalon Platform to plan, organize, execute, and analyze test results from test cases generated by TrueTest.


Wrapping up!

TrueTest significantly eases ongoing maintenance by automatically updating both the journey map and the test library to reflect application changes and evolving user behavior. Using TrueTest, testers can generate user journey maps and regression tests grounded in real user behavior. This feature not only augments the efficiency of testing processes but also furnishes invaluable insights into user interactions, aiding in the delivery of superior user experiences. 

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