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Katalon Product Roundup - June 2024

Welcome to the June 2024 edition of the Katalon product roundup! We’re excited to bring you the latest updates and features designed to enhance your testing experience and streamline your processes. In this release, we have some game-changing features across Katalon Studio, Katalon Recorder, and TestCloud. Let’s dive into the details!

Katalon Studio 9.5: Simplifying mobile testing with TestCloud

Starting in version 9.5, Katalon Studio introduces the ability for you to Record and Playback mobile-native applications using TestCloud mobile devices. This new feature is designed to address the complexities and challenges you face when setting up mobile testing environments.

We understand that setting up mobile testing environments, whether using real devices or simulators/emulators, can be a daunting task. To mitigate any challenges and provide you with a seamless experience, we’ve integrated TestCloud’s mobile devices into Katalon Studio. This integration eliminates the need for additional steps like installing Appium or other dependencies, making it incredibly easy to start and conduct mobile testing.

Key benefits

  • No complex setup: Record test scripts for mobile-native applications without performing a mobile setup in Katalon Studio.
  • Cross-platform testing: Execute test scripts on different mobile OS versions and devices without heavy setup and maintenance.
  • Enhanced test coverage: Quickly run regression tests for new app versions, increasing test coverage and reducing device maintenance costs.

Katalon Recorder: Upgraded to Manifest V3

Katalon Recorder has been upgraded to Chrome Manifest V3, ensuring robust protection for your tests and seamless usage without concerns about the deprecation of Manifest V2. This upgrade addresses several keywords and features impacted during development, including custom locators and actions.

Key improvements

  • Enhanced security: The transition to Manifest V3 provides improved security measures for your tests.
  • Functionality assurance: We have ensured that affected keywords and features now work properly.

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TestCloud: Private Mobile Device (PMD)

We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of the Private Mobile Device (PMD) feature in TestCloud. This new offering targets the banking sector and enterprises that prioritize data privacy, non-shared environments, regulatory compliance, and security.

Why PMD?

Banking customers and high-security enterprises require a private testing environment to ensure data privacy and control. PMD provides you with a secure and privacy-preserving testing environment, addressing concerns such as:

  • Data privacy: Ensures that your sensitive information is handled securely.
  • Regulatory compliance: Meets industry standards for non-shared environments.
  • Customization: Allows customization of device settings, such as screen locks, to meet specific testing needs.

StudioAssist: Enhancing automation with AI

We're also excited to remind you about StudioAssist, which is included by default in Katalon Studio Enterprise edition. 

Katalon Studio now offers seamless AI integration, you can utilize your own OpenAI and Azure OpenAI API keys, check out our documentation to learn more.

Additionally, we have a new approach to enable AI features on your user account. Learn more about this new setup here.

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Wrapping up!

This month’s roundup brings significant enhancements to Katalon Studio, Katalon Recorder, and TestCloud, ensuring you have the tools you need for effective and efficient testing. We hope these new features and updates will help you streamline your testing processes and achieve your quality goals.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy testing!