Elevate your regression testing
with Katalon

The first all-in-one regression testing platform, powered by AI.
Skip maintenance and test across environments without code.

Regression Testing
Needs More Than
Just Automation.

Everyone is automating their tests.
But to take it to the next level, we need to go above and beyond.
Ready-to-use keywords and frameworks to create tests for multiple AUTs quickly.A unified system to create, manage, run, and gain insights from regression tests
A unified platform to create, manage, run, and gain insights from regression tests.Ready-to-use keywords and frameworks to craft regression tests for multiple AUTs quickly
Automatic test maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.Automatic test maintenance to keep everything running smoothly

Introducing Katalon For Regression Testing

Test Creation

Katalon Studio is where you craft test cases that can be run across environments. Quickly record-and-playback real-world scenarios.

Test Management

Group your tests into suites for easier management in Katalon TestOps then execute across environments in Katalon TestCloud.

Test Execution

Self-healing feature to autonomously fix broken test cases during execution. Manage your test objects in the Object Repository.

Test Report & Analytics

Generate detailed insights into your test effectiveness and make informed decisions in Katalon TestOps.

Test Planning

Katalon TestOps helps you collaborate with stakeholders, share insights, and streamline your regression test planning.
AI-powered Regression Testing TrueTest

Stay Ahead of The Curve With TrueTest™

Enjoy an AI-powered regression testing experience with TrueTest™ - an agent that autonomously create tests based on real-time user behavior to pinpoint regressions that matter to your users.

Once You Adopt Katalon Platform

You significantly increase release velocity and quality across all of your digital touchpoints, while having the maintenance and infrastructure taken care of by us.

Katalon fits seamlessly into your existing techstack with its incredibly diverse integration ecosystem.

Test With The Power of Code - Without Writing Any

Create test cases without code. Leverage ready-to-use frameworks to craft the exact tests you need.

Everything You Need In One Place

Katalon offers robust features supporting your regression testing across all stages and environments.

Have AI As Your Powerful Partner-in-Test

Supercharge your regression testing with Katalon's AI-powered features. Enjoy an intelligent full-cycle testing experience.

Zero Maintenance

No more worries about test cases breaking: Katalon automatically updates test cases as the application changes.

Trusted By The Best

We are certified as the leading automation testing/software testing tool by G2 - the world’s largest review site for tech products. Katalon is also trusted by market leaders around the world.

Our Customers Say It Better

From testers who experienced the power of Katalon
+60% Regression test coverage
2,400 Work hours saved
-50% Regression testing timeline
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+100 scenarios per product
x3 the team's testing capacity
-95% of the testing time
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-50% regression testing cycle time.
3000 manual test cases successfully automated.
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Katalon Studio is a straightforward testing tool. No need to have great programming knowledge to write automation test cases.
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