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Test on any browser, lose up manual work and grow with confidence.

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Lightweight yet powerful

Lightweight yet powerful

Record and turn web actions into automated scripts within a few clicks.

Selenium IDE-compatible

Selenium IDE-compatible

Import existing Selenium IDE tests and switch sides with no regrets.

Up-to-date & adaptable

Up-to-date & adaptable

Test well on your latest browser version, regardless of changes on the web.

Best for individuals, start-ups and small businesses

Get started any time. Progress and scale at your own pace.

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Made for QA starters

Compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge. Just click and run.

Step-by-step onboarding loaded with tons of handy docs, walkthroughs, and webinars.

Report bugs, ask questions and talk to 500,000+ peers and QA experts all around the world.

Frictionless & effortless execution

Faster development speed

Define variables once, use them everywhere and update when needed with Global Variables.
No more rewrites or hard-coding values in every test.

Gif showing how to start a test case with Katalon Recorder. | Katalon

Higher efficiency in executions

Categorize and run only test cases that matter with Dynamic Test Suites. Time to stop unnecessary tests and manual workarounds.

Screenshot showing Katalon Recorder filter options. | Katalon

Less maintenance effort

Self-Healing automatically seeks and uses valid locators whenever websites change and default locators fail to work.

Screenshot showing Katalon self healing tool within Katalon Recorder. | Katalon

More feedback loops & productivity

Get more frequent and automatic executions through Command-line Runner. Let your tests run overnight and have the results ready by your next workday.

Screenshot showing feedback loops & productivity on Katalon Recorder. | Katalon

Centralized reports & data

Export test results to CSV files and store in Katalon TestOps for in-depth analysis.

Screenshot showing centralized reports & data on Katalon Recorder. | Katalon
Screenshot showing how to export data from the Katalon Recorder. | Katalon

Readiness for future decisions

Export tests to C#, Java, Python and Ruby without rewrites.

Seamlessly migrate tests/projects to Katalon Studio and Selenium WebDriver.

Want to see all the green ticks in your next test run?

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