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freemium testing platform.

Functional web, API, mobile, and desktop apps are always a customer favorite.
Automate testing for personal projects, small QA teams and growing businesses using Katalon's software quality management platform.

Free trial. No credit card.

Maintain software quality, even with greater complexities

Test your applications all the way to their edges using Katalon’s
release-critical testing capabilities for larger teams, businesses and enterprises.
Automate what’s repetitve

Automate what’s

Test with productivity

Test with

360-view of software quality

360-view of
software quality


Native Integrations

No workarounds to connect to Git, cloud services, CI/CD and ALMs

Data-Driven Testing

Read inputs from Oracle SQL, SQL Server or databases using JDBC drivers


Detect broken locators to propose working alternatives

Test Artifact Sharing

Share test cases, test objects, execution profiles and keywords across projects

Test Execution Alerts

Notify the entire team of execution results via Slack, Teams or mail

Object Refactoring

View and manage unused test objects
Up to 5 usersUnlimited
Supported SUTs
Web, Mobile, API & Desktop (Windows)
Supported SUTsSupported SUTs
No-code, low-code or full code
Record & Playback, Manual & Script Mode
No-code, low-code or full codeNo-code, low-code or full code
Cross-Browser Testing
Headless, Firefox, Edge & Safari
Cross-Browser TestingCross-Browser Testing
Data-Driven Testing
CSV files
  • Oracle SQL & SQL Server
  • JDBC drivers or data combination
API testing with GraphQL
- API testing with GraphQL
Test case management
Dynamic Test Suites, Requirements Traceability
- Test case management
No-IT-costs cloud environments
Web/mobile browsers, OS and mobile native apps
- Test case management
Execute on CI and virtual containers
Jenkins, Bamboo, Dockers, Kubernetes, etc.
- Test case management
Test scheduling and parallel execution
- Test case management
Test coverage and release dashboard
- Test case management
AI testing
Self-healing, Similar failure analysis
- Test case management
On-premise and private cloud licenses
- Test case management
Start for free

Free trial. No credit card.

Start for free

Free trial. No credit card.

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Common questions about Katalon

Are Katalon products 100% free?

Yes. All of Katalon tools are free of charge to design and run web, mobile, API and desktop automated tests. For advanced needs like test management and release management, give that extra care to your projects with Katalon paid plans.

What’s included in my trial?

If this is your first time on the Katalon Platform, you will be access to all the testing capabilities we offer. Some of the highlights are:
  • TestCloud environments: run tests on old and latest versions of web/mobile browsers, native mobile apps and operating systems.
  • API testing: create and test GraphQL and REST requests.
  • Visual testing: ignore zones for dynamic elements.
  • AI testing: self-healing, smart wait, test failure analysis.
  • Smart test reporting: customize execution logs, email and Slack alerts.
  • Test artifact management: object refactoring, import/export test cases, objects, execution profiles, and custom keywords.

What happens when my trial ends?

If you decide not to upgrade to Katalon paid plans, you’ll go back to the Free tier once your trial ends.
The Free tier comes with:
  • 2,000 Monthly Test Results: counted for every test executed on the Katalon Platform. This includes tests written using Katalon or test reports imported from JUnit, Mocha, Jest, Jasmine and Pytest.
  • 5 Platform Users: every verified Katalon account is considered a Platform User. If there’s a 6th member added, each member will need a paid license of their own.
    For example:
    • Team of 5 = 0 paid license
    • Team of 6 = 6 paid licenses
  • 6-Month Test Data Retention: view Katalon test results in the last 6 months.

Can I migrate my current testing projects to Katalon?

For sure. Katalon currently supports web, mobile, API, and desktop (Windows) automated testing, so you can import legacy scripts (written in Java or Groovy) from Appium, Selenium, Selenium IDE, TestNG and JUnit.
If you need to centralize and store test reports for long-term analysis, simply import test results in JUnit (XML format) or from open-source frameworks like Jest, Jasmine, Mocha, or Pytest.