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Announcing Katalon TestOps March 2022 Release

TestOps March 2022

Katalon’s continuous improvement of TestOps this month includes significant upgrades and additions to Test Run reporting, support for the Private SaaS deployment option for TestOps, and updates in support of continuous security enhancements.

NEW – TestOps Private SaaS (Single Tenant) Option

To date, TestOps has been available as a traditional SaaS offering with a multi-tenant based application and data architecture. Beginning with this release, our enterprise customers will have a “Private SaaS” service option to enable single-tenant TestOps environments for customers who have specific security and compliance needs for their organizations.

If you are interested in this option, please contact your Katalon account representative here.

Test Run Reports

Based on our experience and community feedback, we revisited Test Run reports and addressed the challenges of reviewing testing activities based on environments and/or platforms. We also took the opportunity to create clearer and more easily understood reports.

The new “Overview” tab in the Reports -> Test Runs section provides concise and clear information for a variety of reports which can be globally filtered based on the profile or a specific timeframe. The overview dashboard includes:

  • Profile coverage
    • Profile coverage leverages the profile configurations setup in Katalon Studio, allowing you to filter the Test Runs Overview tab based on specific execution profiles.
    • Many customers use profiles in support of testing across multiple environments (e.g., Dev, QA, etc.) 
    • Learn more about execution profiles here.
  • Execution trends
    • Execution trends are useful in reviewing passed and failed trends, allowing you to identify significant variances that may require further investigation or validation to make sure they are not caused by environment or scripting failures during test execution.
  • Platform coverage
    • Platform coverage allows quick validation of all the platforms tested.
    • Heat indicators highlight any platforms that may be generating more errors than others.

TestOps Test Run Overview

In Case You Missed It

For a complete list of the new features, improvements, and fixes, please visit the release notes.

As always, please post any questions, ideas, or concerns in our community. We are eager to hear from you.