Announcing Katalon TestOps – Streamlining Test Automation & DevOps for Businesses

Announcing Katalon TestOps – Streamlining Test Automation & DevOps for Businesses

Maintaining quality while delivering increasingly complex products at increasing speeds is a challenge for software teams everywhere. Automating tests is essential to detect issues faster and speed up the development cycle, but it’s only one part of the equation. Managing and scaling a test automation practice, and implementing it inside an efficient DevOps cycle is even more important.

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Katalon TestOps, the first open and comprehensive test orchestration platform that eliminates bottlenecks, streamlines your software test automation processes, and provides you with actionable data-driven insights. All in one place.

TestOps was already the best place to manage your library of tests, schedule tests, and get clear insights from test results. Today, we’re releasing multiple enterprise-grade features such as auto-distributed execution, the ability to view re-run test results, and much more. Read on to learn how you can improve execution time and keep tabs on all the results.

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Auto-distributed Execution

Building on the promise to accelerate the test process without sacrificing quality and accuracy, this release gives testers who are currently taking advantage of parallel execution a much more effective way to execute their tests, faster. Auto-distributed execution minimizes test execution time by allowing any active agent to pick up jobs and optimize the waiting time for each session.

Additionally, this feature allows an agent to actively get new jobs once it is done with the previous job using the current load balancing mechanism. This innovative feature uses the just-in-time (JIT) method to implement a mechanism to automatically assign jobs to an active and/or available agent.

See the TestOps documentation for more technical details on how this new feature makes your tests more efficient.

View Re-run Test Results

TestOps presents test results in a way that allows you to make data-driven decisions faster. Today, we’re adding consolidated views of re-run test results that combine retry attempts into one report so you can avoid endless log files and see the results that matter right away. This new feature combines all “retry” attempts into one test run and displays the results as a single execution report. This allows users to focus on test results that matter the most instead of spending valuable time going through endless log files.


See the TestOps documentation for more information on how to leverage this new feature in your environment.

Similar Error Suggestion

Identifying failures is fundamentally the entire purpose of software testing. However, identifying the root cause of a failed test can be a daunting task. In this release, TestOps allows users to identify all common errors of any failed test results in a centralized view. This new feature keeps users from having to manually navigate through the details of each one of the error messages displayed, considerably reducing the time spent trying to track down common errors.

This feature intelligently places failure details that contain similar characteristics into a view where they are easy to identify by the user. Users are able to quickly see a summary of similar errors on the test results section and easily navigate to a test result summary page directly from the test case that is being executed.

See the TestOps documentation for more information on how to leverage this new feature in your environment.

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The new features in this TestOps release provide teams with a much faster execution time and a more effective way to keep track of results yielded by executed Test Suites.

For a complete list of the new features, improvements, and fixes, please visit the release notes.

As always, please post any questions, ideas, or concerns on our community site. We are eager to hear from you.

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