Enhancing Test Automation with Katalon StudioAssist: Empowering Testers for Success

Katalon StudioAssist empowering testers for success


Tools leveraging Generative AI are transforming the approach to creating code. While the benefits of such tools are being continuously showcased for software engineers, it is important to have products focussed on software testing to leverage this technology to empower quality engineers to excel in their automation efforts.


The current release of StudioAssist enables teams to accelerate their daily test automation tasks and workflows using this technology. It enables testers to create automation scripts (and custom keywords), and generate commentary/documentation for code in existing scripts within Katalon Studio. 


StudioAssist is available in Katalon Studio version 9.0.0, which you download and enjoy its power now.


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Key benefits of StudioAssist

1. A Game-Changer: The Paired-Programming alternative to Record and Playback

While record-and-playback of automation scripts is the typical starting point for testers with limited test automation experience, Katalon StudioAssist encourages testers to focus on the high-level goal of the workflow that needs to be tested, before jumping into the details; similar to to having a conversation with a peer: How should I break down the problem so we can solve it together?

2. Unleashing Speed and Consistency

With Katalon StudioAssist, the speed of creating automation scripts is significantly accelerated. Testers can leverage user stories to articulate the logic and steps necessary to perform specific features, and quickly identify and implement the necessary test automation scripts. Katalon StudioAssist understands your test automation script goals when you break things down (like a cooking recipe), and can create scripts that meet your specific expectations.


This streamlines the test design phase and reduces the time-consuming back-and-forth clarifications with technical personnel. Additionally, this encourages consistency across test scripts, promoting standardization and enhancing the overall quality of the team’s efforts.

3. Bridging the Technical Divide

One of the most notable advantages of Katalon StudioAssist is its ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical testers. While it helps build the code needed to create the automation test scripts, testers with limited technical knowledge can also utilize the tool to understand code in the existing test scripts in simpler terms. This fosters collaboration and eliminates the dependency on technical personnel for clarifications, enabling a more self-sufficient and highly performant testing team.

4. Efficient Documentation and Artifact Management

Katalon StudioAssist significantly encourages documentation practices by reducing effort (and time) spent on commenting code. By generating comments that provide an increased understanding of test steps in scripts, the tool ensures that relevant information is captured within the automation framework itself. This not only streamlines future code maintenance but also facilitates script evaluation and analysis. Testers can effortlessly navigate and comprehend test scripts, promoting continuous learning and knowledge transfer within the testing team.

Additional Tips To Use Katalon StudioAssist

To quickly overcome the initial learning curve for testers to get the maximum benefit from the feature, here are some recommendations:

1. Experiment with your prompts

Just as a conversation is considered more of an art than a science, so is prompt crafting. The more direct, simple and informational prompts you use when defining the workflows that are required to be automated, the more accurate the resulting responses will be.

2. Use good test-step definition practices

This includes providing descriptive test-step statements, and following consistent patterns. For example, state the action of clicking a dropdown field on an e-comm website as ‘Click on ‘Quantity’ dropdown’ instead of ‘Choose quantity’ when defining interaction with a dropdown field labeled ‘Quantity’.

3. Stay smart

Just as you would review a team member’s test cases (and automation code), you should always assess, analyze, and validate AI-generated code.


Katalon StudioAssist has emerged as a game-changer in the world of test automation, offering a powerful alternative to traditional record-and-playback methods. By empowering testers to quickly create automation test steps, bridge the technical divide, and promote efficient test implementation, Katalon StudioAssist helps accelerate the speed of creating test automation scripts, ensures adoption of good practices, and enhances the overall quality of testing activities. 


Embrace Katalon StudioAssist to unlock the true potential of your test automation endeavors, and witness a paradigm shift in your team’s test automation capabilities.


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