Katalon Studio 9.0.0 Release

Studio 9.0.0 includes StudioAssist and an essential overhaul of its fundamental libraries.

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Today, we are excited to announce the release of Katalon Studio 9.0.0 This release introduces a significant revamp of Studio’s core libraries and includes the addition of StudioAssist.        

Here are the highlights of this release. Read on to check out all the updates below.


Key performance improvements in Katalon Studio 9.0.0

An important overhaul of the fundamental libraries of Katalon Studio took place in version 9.0.0; the changes included an update of Eclipse, Java, Groovy, and EGit, resulting in significant performance improvements compared to previous versions:

Katalon Studio 9.0.0 release major improvements


These performance improvements mean that you now benefit from faster execution times, allowing you to run tests faster and identify as well as resolve issues quicker. This acceleration is especially vital in environments where time efficiency is the priority. 


Additionally, the improved speed in project renaming is critical for large projects with numerous objects, streamlining the maintenance and organization of test scripts. Also, the quicker artifact opening function ensures a more seamless experience, particularly when accessing test artifacts is a regular occurrence, ultimately leading to a more fluid workflow and reduced wait times.        

Check out the Katalon Studio 9.0.0 release notes to learn more about these updates.



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AI-powered Test Development with StudioAssist

StudioAssist is now available in Studio 9.0.0 Leveraging the power of GPT and Katalon Studio, StudioAssist has been designed to increase testers’ productivity, improve test accuracy, and eliminate the risks associated with coding errors by providing context-based code suggestions as well as the ability to give users a  detailed description of existing code.


Generate code

Explain code

Katalon Studio 9.0.0 Release Explain Code


In simple terms, when creating test scripts in Katalon Studio, you can select a block of code and ask StudioAssist to explain what the code does, also, you can ask it to create code from comments written in plain English.


More than code descriptions and explanations

While we developed StudioAssist as a coding companion in Katalon Studio, the benefits do not end there. StudioAssist can be used for various use cases, including synthetic data generation. We have created a practical guide that you can use to learn how to make the most of StudioAssist and optimize your test script creation in Katalon Studio, check it out.

Bug fixes and usability improvements

At Katalon, we are committed to providing you with the best possible comprehensive quality management platform to make your quality testing experience better with every release.        

Check out the release notes below to learn more about other enhancements and fixes included in the latest Studio release.

Wrapping Up

This release marks an important milestone in the Katalon Studio. We’ve introduced an AI-powered coding assistant: StudioAssist, and a major upgrade on Studio’s core libraries to enhance its performance. Now you can reduce coding time, resolve issues faster, enhance test coverage, and minimize risks associated with coding.        

We hope you’ll find these new features and enhancements useful. Keep an eye out for future product announcements as we continue to evolve the Katalon Studio with new features and great updates.

And, of course, make sure to join our Katalon community to learn and share more about the Katalon Platform: Katalon Community – The Official Discussion Forum of Katalon. We love our community feedback and they love to share and lend a helping hand.


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