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Migrate from Selenium to Katalon Studio: Testing can be done faster, and easier.

From version 7.4 onward, Katalon Studio users can begin migrating Selenium tests and continue developing them without having to start from scratch.

Thousands of testers have migrated their Selenium tests to Katalon Studio since the release of this new feature. The positive feedback and results have encouraged us and our experts to further introduce the functionalities and values of this feature through this upcoming webinar.

You will get to know:

  • The current state of Selenium in the software testing landscape
  • The advantages and disadvantages of testing with Selenium
  • How Katalon revolutionizes testing and alternate for Selenium
  • How to migrate Selenium and Selenium IDE tests to Katalon Studio in 3 steps
    … and more!

Who should attend?

  • Katalon users and those who plan to adopt codeless testing
  • Automation engineers, agile team members, and developers
  • Project managers, CTOs who are looking for a robust, all-in-one, and ROI-driven solution
  • Anyone eager to learn about automation testing in DevOps
Our speaker
Jagmit Singh
Jagmit Singh
Senior Automation Engineer
at Innovapost
With more than ten years of experience in QA, Release Engineering and Software Development, Jagmit has extensive experience in both mobile and web automation using Selenium, Appium, Espresso, Robot Framework, Katalon Studio, Java and Python. His work involves acting as Automation Consultant advises other teams in implementing automation strategy and best practices.
May Tran
May Tran
Business Development Manager
at Katalon, Inc.
Previously a Boston-based community organizer who advocates for progressive causes, now May has become an integral part of the Katalon Business Development Team. Through her work, she has effectively helped clients identify their automation needs, give them advice based on the industry insights, and successfully increase the productivity of their testing pipeline.