TestProject end-of-life?
Not the end of the world.

You loved TestProject, but the show must go on.
Design, run, debug and maintain test suites like you’ve been doing.
Katalon just makes UI and API automation a whole lot easier.

Start testing

The same way to automate.
Now with fewer steps.

Making your switch worth it

We’re free now and forever.

Katalon offers a freemium plan: you can still automate tests using the free version or pay for more advanced capabilities after a 30-day trial.

Built on industry-recognized test methodologies

Write tests the ways we love most without the framework building.

Whether it’s writing tests faster or updating locators in clicks, you can have it all in Katalon.

To code or not to code: your call.

There’s no pressure to master coding for automation overnight.

Record and playback tests to cover simple scenarios. Switch to scripting in Java and Groovy to design custom keywords or get test scripts up-to-date on the latest code changes.

The best of functional web UI and API testing

Handle flaky end-to-end UI tests
Pinpoint unreliable tests with flakiness rates and similar failures

Smart object spy

Locate, capture and store object locators by XPath, Attributes or CSS

On-prem or cloud

Automate tests within your local machine or on our SaaS offering

Best for regression testing

Assign tags and IDs to automated tests. Filter and select test cases to run on-demand

Run on CI and containers

Schedule and auto-trigger Katalon test to run on your pipelines and containers

Web API testing

Test GraphQL, SOAP and REST requests. Import API objects from Postman, Swagger, SoapUI and WADL/WSDL

Need a team to migrate legacy scripts?

Yes. You can continue to edit and run existing TestProject tests on Katalon. Get in touch with BetterQA – a Katalon Partner – for a complete migration service for TestProject users.
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