• Helps out manual testers and beginners
  • Shortens the tool adoption time
  • Relieves maintenance headaches
  • Eases scaling for growing projects
  • Provides a native reporting system
Create tests quickly and easily with keyword-driven testing and a user-friendly UI
Difficult to adopt and use for those without a strong programming background
Members can make use of a made-ready framework and focus on the right tasks
Lengthens onboarding processes with different coding styles and expertise
Faster maintenance with self-healing mechanisms and various locator strategies
Adds excessive work to fixing flaky, fragile and false-positive tests
Better reusability with the page-object model design and data-driven testing
Slows down the workflow as the volume of test cases build up over time
A native system to visualize test results and make insights-driven next steps
Extra time for complex configurations with third-party reporting tools