Katalon Platform Announcement

Today, we're launching the Katalon platform. Read on to see how we've built up to this, what's in the platform, and what's on the horizon.

The Road to the Platform

Building software is a complex and challenging task that involves many people in the organization. Creating software that people love is even harder. Poorly built and improperly tested software creates a negative digital experience for the end user, and that’s why in today’s world product and business success is directly impacted by the quality of that experience. 

Since 2016 Katalon has been committed to helping quality and engineering teams deliver quality software. We understand in great detail the challenges faced by the teams trying to meet the demand for high-quality software in compressed periods of time. To address these challenges, we've set the foundation for a more seamlessly interconnected platform with applied AI to enable testers to eliminate redundant tasks earlier in the delivery cycle and apply a true shift-left approach.

Over the past year, we have built and delivered additional tools to address test automation as well as the overall process of continuously delivering quality software and digital experiences. Continuous quality delivery requires more than just test automation. Katalon TestOps enables quality engineers to easily orchestrate testing activities and provide visibility on these activities across their organizations. It integrates into CI/CD pipelines as well as ALM tools such as Jira & ADO to create visibility and traceability between requirements, CI/CD, and testing activities. 

Quality engineers are able to leverage the ease of authoring automation scripts with Katalon Studio and combine it with TestOps for easy and integrated test orchestration and reporting on activities.

Companies and delivery teams have quickly adopted the combination of TestOps and Studio as their centralized hub for test automation, test planning and orchestration, and test execution reporting. 

As enterprises began to adopt the value and capability enhancing features in Katalons' comprehensive tools, we expanded our offering with Katalon TestCloud, an on-demand, SaaS solution that delivers automated test execution in the cloud. TestCloud provides both new and experienced quality engineers the ability to rapidly scale their test execution capabilities with cloud-based test execution environments and reduces the technical debt and resource overhead caused by hosting their own test execution environments. 

TestCloud enables testing across multiple browsers and multiple version releases of those browsers on demand and at scale. Engineering teams no longer have to compete for compute resources within their data centers, and the seamless integration of TestOps and TestCloud means even those new to automated testing can leverage this powerful capability so they can focus their efforts on software delivery instead of the overhead involved in test execution environment management.

This summer we also announced our AI-driven Visual Testing capabilities that deliver advanced content and layout-based comparisons using applied AI techniques to reduce the manual effort of manual image comparisons and the slow, resource-intensive, and error-prone pixel-based comparison.

And that’s just the beginning…

Announcing Katalon Platform

At Katalon, we believe that a holistic approach to quality that leverages the latest technology and reflects the leading testing techniques is the most effective way to deliver quality products. We are committed to providing you with a solution that makes that task easy to execute. 

Today we are proud to announce the Katalon Platform: a single, powerful quality management platform that enables teams to easily and efficiently test, launch, and optimize the best software and digital experiences. It provides capabilities that allow test automation teams to collaborate, manage, scale, and continuously improve testing operations.


Katalon Software Quality Management Platform


The Katalon Platform enables teams of all sizes to:

  • Adopt Fast: The platform is designed for quick adoption and implementation, so you can efficiently automate, plan, and execute tests to consistently deliver quality apps, products, and software. Free-to-use versions of all of our products make them easy to learn and implement. Advanced tiers expand the capabilities to meet the needs of business and enterprise engineering teams. The platform's out-of-the-box reporting and insights, clear visibility from development to delivery, and easy-to-use cloud test execution capabilities, allow teams with little to no technical experience to quickly go from manual testing to a fully functional automated testing pipeline.
  • Automate Everything, Easily: While many customers start with Studio to create new tests, test automation is much more than just authoring.  The platform makes it easy for teams to build a comprehensive, connected quality program that connects authoring with planning, execution, analysis, and organization of testing holistically.  With a comprehensive, connected platform, advanced functionality like on-demand test environments, dynamic test suites, and AI-augmented visual testing come out-of-the-box.
  • Scale Continuously: The ability to scale is one of the key values of the Katalon Platform. All administration is performed within the SaaS platform, accommodating the management of small teams or large enterprises with hundreds of teams spread across multiple regions. The platform provides the flexibility to roll out to a few teams to operate and evaluate, and then launch across a large global organization with ease. Regardless of size, your teams can scale up to meet new demands and evolving processes with collaboration and integration tools to enhance team visibility while on-prem. Further, the SaaS test execution allows teams of any size to rapidly scale test execution capacity easily to meet business and schedule demands.
  • Collaborate with Visibility Across the Lifecycle: The platform delivers the visibility and insight to continuously improve your testing process. The Katalon Platform provides teams, managers, and executives clear insight and transparency into quality and testing activities, and integrates with development and DevOps tools and platforms to create a centralized view of quality processes across the organization for developers, quality engineers, and management alike.

The Power of Platform

Studio, TestOps, and TestCloud address specific needs along the quality process and work seamlessly together. However, as we listen to our customers and look forward, we realize that the future of quality requires an even more seamless integration between these core tools in order to enable new and more powerful capabilities. The impact of unified software development and CI/CD platforms has dramatically improved the value stream impact of software teams, but we believe that quality engineers need a platform that can automate, orchestrate, and analyze quality processes by integrating their test planning and execution into software development and CI/CD toolchains easily and seamlessly. 

In addition, the dawn of AI in quality tools and processes can not be ignored, and we know that any AI capabilities work best when they are applied across multiple quality processes and integration points. With knowledge garnered over years of developing tools for the quality industry, and the feedback gained from our huge community of users, we intentionally planned and designed our integrated platform announced today.

From Studio and Katalon Runtime enhancements over the years to the launch of TestOps, TestCloud, and AI Visual Testing in just the past year, Katalon has changed the way quality engineers work. And we’re not done.

Just the Beginning

This is just the beginning. Whether you are already a member of our community or just now looking at Katalon, we hope you’ll join us as we embark on this new era of integrated and open quality platforms. 

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