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Katalon Platform Announcement | Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

Building software is a complex and challenging task that involves many people in the organization. Creating software that people love is even more challenging. Poorly built and improperly tested software creates a negative digital experience for the end user, which is why in today’s world, the success of businesses and products is directly impacted by the quality of that experience. 

We created Katalon because we understand the challenges faced by the teams trying to meet the demand for high-quality software in compressed periods of time. At Katalon, we believe that a holistic approach to quality that leverages the strengths of the entire team and an efficient process is the most effective way to deliver quality products. We are committed to providing you with innovative and practical solutions that make it easier to deliver high-quality software. 

We value the support and love that the community provides to us as a company along that journey. We recognize that the Katalon community has been fundamentally responsible for the success of our products, especially Katalon Studio.

For many of you, Katalon Studio is all you need to succeed. However, we also understand that as you grow, many of you may need a fully comprehensive testing platform in the future. At Katalon, we believe that the best way to manage quality is through a modern, fully integrated, and comprehensive software quality platform. 

In addition to the constant improvement of Katalon Studio, in the past twelve months, Katalon has released TestOps to help you manage your testing pipeline and get valuable insights from your testing processes. We also released TestCloud to provide you with on-demand cross-browser testing environments. And recently, we released Visual Testing to help you meet the highest visual quality standards effortlessly using our AI-powered capabilities.

Today, I’m very proud to announce that we are launching the Katalon Platform, a modern and comprehensive quality management platform that enables teams to easily and efficiently test, launch, and optimize the best digital experiences.

The platform is built to be an integral part of a DevOps ecosystem, with integrations that help create an efficient continuous delivery process. The platform also comes with proven AI-augmented capabilities such as self-healing, visual testing, and test assessment that reduce testing and test maintenance efforts. It also provides valuable data that will enable more exciting AI capabilities in the future.

The Katalon Platform provides software teams the ability to plan, author, execute, and analyze tests seamlessly. It allows every member of the organization to participate in the quality process, and gain visibility into the progress and quality status of the project. Teams can more efficiently and confidently deliver higher-quality digital experiences.

I invite you to experience the Katalon Platform for yourself. New and existing users alike will get to see firsthand all the benefits of leveraging a single platform that manages your end-to-end software quality process, is easy to deploy and use, practical and effective, and incorporates the best new AI-augmentation technologies now and into the future.

At Katalon, we are committed to delivering to you a platform that is quick to launch, easy to use, and highly scalable so that you can accomplish more with greater visibility, less overhead, and ultimately with great confidence.



Vu Lam, CEO, Katalon, Inc.