Announcing Katalon TestCloud | Cloud-based Cross-Browser Testing in The Katalon Platform

TestCloud Release Announcement

Today, software applications need to deliver a consistent and reliable experience across multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices. To accomplish this, companies are spending valuable resources and time manually deploying dedicated test infrastructures. This translates into a limited availability of test scenarios and prevents companies from generating enough test coverage to ensure the best user experience across the most commonly used platforms.

Testing across browsers and operating systems is difficult. Testers are usually bogged down by limited access to testing environments or waiting for IT to deploy ad-hoc testing infrastructures. Continuing to build on the promise to offer a swift testing experience to our community of users, today we are proud to announce the release of the trial version of Katalon TestCloud.

Katalon TestCloud is a cloud-hosted solution that provides on-demand, flexible, and secure multi-browser testing environments. TestCloud enables QA teams and developers to execute automated test scripts simultaneously across multiple browsers and operating systems, without having to set up or maintain physical testing resources or third-party configurations. 

All from Within The Katalon Platform

Up to this point, teams have used Studio and TestOps to design, orchestrate, and gain insights from their tests. With TestCloud, teams have access to the complete Katalon platform where they have a full testing experience and can deploy cloud-based test environments on-demand to execute their automated tests.

All from Within The Katalon Platform

We created TestCloud to provide a better, easier, quicker, and simpler way to adopt and scale best practices for testing across browsers and operating systems, all from within the Katalon platform. TestCloud provides better speed and simplicity compared to other third-party cloud-based test environments.

Expand your testing possibilities from Studio

Studio (free and paid) users now have access to all the available features and test environments that TestCloud has to offer. Regardless of the size of their teams or their testing maturity level, TestCloud has been designed to give access to a wide variety of testing environments to all users.

Its native integration with the rest of the Katalon platform makes it easy for Studio users to author their automated scripts and then execute them in TestCloud in just a few clicks. 

Once available, Studio users will notice a new icon on their UI. You can select TestCloud from the execution dropdown menu or directly from the toolbar.


Note: TestCloud will be available only for Test Suites and Test Suite collections.

Next, select the TestCloud configuration that you want to use for the execution of the Script.


At this point, you will be able to select the operating system you want to use and the browser and browser version that you want. 

If you are doing private testing, you can also enable the “Execute with Tunel” option. At this point, you should be ready to run the test and wait for the results. It is that simple!

Thanks to the seamless integration between Studio and TestCloud, users can run Test Suites and Test Suite Collections to test privately accessed domains or public domains on virtual environments provided by TestCloud. To learn more about how to use TestCloud to execute your Studio scripts, check out the product documentation, and stay tuned for more updates about newly supported scripts and environments.

Orchestrate using TestOps

TestOps users also will be able to leverage the advantages of testing on the cloud. By simply selecting the environment they would like to use to test their scripts, TestOps users can request any available environment on-demand from TestCloud and schedule its execution as usual. 

To use TestCloud from TestOps, users will follow the usual path to schedule a run, with the only difference that now they will be able to see the option to run the test on a TestCloud environment.


Here they also can select details about the configuration such as browser, version, operating system and private testing tunnel configuration.


Once everything is set, they will be ready to go. It is that simple! No extra configurations needed. To learn more about how to use TestCloud from TestOps please check out the product documentation.

Enterprise Standards 

  • Easy to deploy and use – It provides immediate access to testing environments on-demand without the need to manually deploy and maintain testing infrastructures. 
  • Open and flexible – Natively integrated into Katalon, TestCloud gives QA teams and developers the flexibility and scalability required to handle ever-changing ecosystems, processes, and business needs. 
  • Safe and secure  TestCloud offers enterprise-grade security built-in at every step of the testing pipeline.


The trial version of TestCloud will be available starting this January 20th until April 6th. TestOps users will automatically see the TestCloud option on their scheduling UI while Studio users will need to update to the latest version. 


The focal point of TestCloud is to provide the easiest test experience within the Katalon platform where users can deploy test environments without having to worry about setting up and maintaining dedicated test infrastructures or cumbersome third-party configurations.

We are very excited about this new release and we hope you are too! For a complete list of the new features, improvements, and fixes, please visit the release notes.

As always, please post any questions, ideas, or concerns on our community site. We are eager to hear from you.