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An Open Letter from Our CEO - Katalon for Ukraine Program

As I reflect on the past year, amid a pandemic and social unrest, I am proud of our community's ability to band together and respond with agility, leadership, and compassion to assist our employees, partners, investors, and customers.

By now, you all may be aware that the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has reached a historical level. Millions of people have fled the country, and countless more are desperate for a safe place. With people and nations reaching out to help across the globe, the BOD and I believe that we need to join our effort and offer the Ukrainian people a small helping hand.

With this background, I am announcing the Katalon for Ukraine Program with 2 components:

1 - Katalon will directly provide a corporate donation of $50K to the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Learn about the IRC initiatives here;

2 - *Katalon will provide free licenses to striving Ukrainians working in this challenging environment;

(*) Details: Katalon will provide a free license to customers who are Ukrainian citizens or who currently work on Ukrainian territory upon receipt of registration information sent to:

Time and usage: unlimited time and usage until further notice.

For us, acting in this manner is not just an individual responsibility but should also be a fundamental part of the fabric of our society of humans. 

We want every stakeholder in Katalon - our employees, partners, investors, and customers – to understand that we are on a mission to be both contributing to the success of our clients and a responsible member of our community.

We can’t solve the enormous challenges facing us by ourselves.  But our contribution along with other like-minded individuals and organizations can and will make a difference.

Vu Lam