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Embracing the Future of Software Testing: A Preview of Katalon's TrueTest™

Embracing the Future of Software Testing: A Preview of Katalon's TrueTest™


As practitioners of software development, we are all too familiar with the importance of automation. The benefits that automation brings are significant, but its adoption and the realization of its potential can be an ongoing journey, not a destination. It’s not a new concept, yet it continues to evolve and redefine the landscape of software testing. 

As one of the largest independent software testing services firms, Katalon’s Solution Partner Cigniti has extensive experience working in the test automation space.  "From our extensive experience with various projects at Cigniti, we've learned that automation can be challenging, especially when considering the initial investment and the time it takes to see a return, particularly for UI tests," said Rajesh Sarangapani, Senior Vice President of Innovation for Cigniti, “While automation can save costs in the long run, the early stages demand a significant commitment.”


Consider the case of a company whose software testing process is predominantly manual. They see the potential value of automation, the efficiencies it can bring, and the long-term savings it promises, prompting them to pivot towards an automation-first strategy. However, this shift isn't as simple as flipping a switch. It involves a comprehensive transformation of the team's skill sets, workflow processes, and the tools they employ - a journey teeming with unique challenges.


  • The first of these challenges involves equipping the team with the necessary skills for automated testing. This could mean extensive training programs or even hiring new team members with specialized knowledge. 
  • Next, the existing testing processes must be restructured to accommodate automation, requiring careful planning and execution. The company also has to invest in the necessary automation tools and infrastructure, which could involve significant upfront costs. 
  • Lastly, once automated tests are up and running, they require constant maintenance and updates to ensure their effectiveness and relevance. Each of these steps calls for a considerable investment of time, effort, and financial resources. 

Given these challenges, companies may find themselves questioning the cost-effectiveness of their automation efforts, particularly when the time to see tangible ROI stretches beyond their expectations.


Introducing TrueTest™

Katalon recognizes these challenges and has taken a leading role in designing innovative solutions that leverage AI to help customers to address them. One of Katalon’s newest capabilities, TrueTest™, is designed to address the exact challenges discussed above by:

  1. Capturing real user interactions on production
  2. Modeling common behaviors in a user journey map
  3. Then automatically generating test cases and test data from those user journeys
  4. and measuring test coverage on the user journey map. 

Benefits of TrueTest™ for Software Testing

Benefits of Katalon's ATG for Software Testing


TrueTest™ offers a range of benefits:

  • Streamlines Test Case Creation and Maintenance: By automating these processes, TrueTest reduces the time and effort needed, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Improves Accuracy, Quality, and Coverage: TrueTest's ability to replicate real user interactions improves the relevancy and accuracy of tests, thereby increasing test coverage and software quality.
  • Boosts Team Productivity and Morale: By taking over the creation and maintenance of the most used flows, TrueTest allows your testing team to focus on the more complex and rewarding aspects of their work, leading to increased productivity and improved morale.
  • Speeds up higher quality releases with Higher Quality: High test coverage and reduced testing time result in faster release cycles without compromising the quality of your software.
  • Improves User Experience: By ensuring your application works flawlessly under realistic user journey scenarios, TrueTest can significantly enhance the end-user experience.

Augmentation, Not Replacement

The advent of TrueTest doesn't mean the replacement of human testers. Instead, it's about augmentation—it's designed to complement their skills, allowing them to achieve more in less time. With TrueTest, testers can concentrate on higher-order testing challenges while the tool takes care of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Experience the Future of Software Testing with TrueTest™

As we move forward, we invite you to join us in exploring and shaping this future. Katalon is currently opening registrations for the TrueTest beta program. This is an opportunity to get hands-on with this innovative tool before its official launch. Your feedback can help shape the final product, and you can experience firsthand how TrueTest can enhance your testing processes

Take the leap into the next phase of software testing. Register for the TrueTest beta program today and be at the forefront of testing innovation. Register here to experience the future of software testing.