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Why test automation has high ROI in the long run

The benefits of automated quality engineering are varied. But those listed below are the most prominent ones.
  • Testing early, continuously and in combination with DevOps are the best ways to reduce costs of finding bugs in production and speed up the feedback loop.
  • Regression testing is time-consuming and error-prone. Manual regression tests will wear out the testers, and yield unreliable results. With test automation, teams can run regression tests automatically, night and day, reducing the time and effort.
  • The ability to perform testing simultaneously on multi-browsers and multi-devices is an undeniable advantage of test automation. With parallel testing, time-to-market is reduced significantly, enhancing the competitive advantage of your business.

Interpreting the results of the test automation ROI Calculator

Reduction in test environment setup:The value is not just time-related. As your testers can now spin up the exact test environment every time they test, reliability and accuracy are improved. Cloud-based test environments included in the Katalon platform eliminate the need to acquire costly physical devices.
Reduction in test case creation time:With varied script creation methods, every tester in your team can do test automation, regardless of their programming levels. From no-code and low-code for beginners to advance scripting mode for automation quality engineers.
Reduction in test execution time:Tests can be run automatically nightly and on the weekend. With the workload reduced, your QEs can be more hands-on with exploratory testing and elevate the application’s quality.
Reduction in test maintenance:End-to-end and UI testing are some of the most high-maintenance types of automated tests due to their flakiness and business-related nature. Katalon’s intelligent features such as Self-healing and Smart-Wait or AI-powered visual testing solutions can help minimize the maintenance effort significantly.

The Katalon Platform helps you maximize test automation ROI

Test automation in general is advantageous for teams. But the productivity and efficiency of your team are guaranteed with Katalon.
  • The Katalon platform gives you immediate access to automated test creation and reporting. With its wide-ranged native integrations, you can start connecting with your existing tools and test right away with no extra workaround.
  • Collaboration between team members is maximized. Both experienced automated testers with programming backgrounds to manual testers can use Katalon to create tests with low-code and full-code scripting modes.
  • Teams of all sizes can enjoy what Katalon has to offer. Pay for what you use and scale up whenever you want.
  • The Katalon platform unifies all testing - Mobile, API, Desktop, and Web - into one place. You can plan, author, organize, execute, and analyze tests without paying for another tool or having to build homegrown solutions.
  • Cross-team and stakeholders’ visibility is greatly enhanced with auto-generated dashboards, reports, analytics, and insights.