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Katalon Studio 5.3.0 – Kickstart your 2018 automation initiative

Katalon Studio 5.3

Hi testers,

We are excited to announce our first release of Katalon Studio in 2018. This latest version provides new features and advanced improvements empowering users to boost your automation testing projects effectively.

General Improvement

  • In version 5.3, Katalon team enhanced generated XPath for Test Objects. With the new robust XPath, test objects can be better located in the AUT. Thus, test quality is improved significantly.
  • Auto-saved last execution environment is implemented in Version 5.3 to help save the last selected execution environment as default. Katalon Studio will replace the current default execution environment with the selected one (if it’s different).
  • For Katalon to be Docker-ready
    • Add extra argument for Chrome in Console Mode execution
      • –no-sandbox
    • Remove splash screen in CLI mode
    • Separate command for generate/update classpath
    • Support video capturing in CLI mode and when running with custom profiles
    • Fix bugs when using CLI mode with properties file

Test Suite

Implement Setup/ Teardown for Test Suite. This feature is another great extension besides Test Listener to extend your current testing flow as much as possible.

Setup for test suite in Katalon


Introduce all new Headless execution mode for Firefox supports user in Continuous Delivery process, UI regression and quick environment coverage. Tests execution will be much faster and more effective.

new Headless execution mode for Firefox in Katalon

Selenium IDE

Introducing Katalon Studio new capability that allows users to import Selenium IDE Scripts (Beta) into Katalon Studio for advanced scripting and test execution including advanced conditions, dynamic validation or to be executed with external data sources.

(This feature is in beta stage. There will be some cases that imported Selenium IDE Scripts will not be converted successfully to Katalon Studio scripts. Katalon team welcomes all of your feedback and suggestions)

 import Selenium IDE Scripts into Katalon Studio f

Read more: Selenium IDE alternatives for Firefox & Chrome

Web UI Testing


  • Added ability to move captured objects in Object Repository pane for Spy and Record Web. Users can freely move captured objects to organize test artifacts before saving.Spy and Record Web in Katalon
  • Default locators for captured objects in Record/Spy now can be set in Project Setting. Selected locators will be added automatically while Recording or Spying the application under test.Project Setting in Katalon

Mobile Testing

  • Support iOS 11 devices
  • Enhance UI of selecting mobile devices window for test execution to improve users experience

Mobile Testing supports iOS 11

Download now and discover this latest version of Katalon Studio, we hope you enjoy it. If you want to ask any Katalon Studio related questions or help other members out, please join us on Katalon forum.

Happy testing,
Katalon Studio Team.