Katalon and Sauce Labs: A Better Cloud-based Automation Solution

Katalon and Sauce Labs

We are excited to announce a partnership establishment with Sauce Labs – a cloud-hosted, web, and mobile application automated testing platform company. This collaboration aims at delivering better automated cloud execution, allowing software development businesses to release high-quality products faster.

“One of the challenges that software development teams often face is not having a user-friendly test automation tool, or insufficiency in testing environments. Katalon’s collaboration with Sauce Labs directly addresses both of these problems,” Vu Lam, CEO of Katalon, said.

This partnership introduces Sauce Labs Integration with Katalon Studio, a product of Katalon platform. This is an add-on product – also known as plugin – that offers a convenient solution for web and mobile testing across multiple platforms and browsers. The seamless integration between Katalon Studio and Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud gives software developers and quality assurance testers:

  • The ability to remove the cumbersome step of manually configuring test environments
  • The versatility to run remote tests under a vast number of execution environments
  • Full coverage of test results on both Katalon and Sauce Labs analytic dashboards
  • More time and effort to focus on higher-scale tasks such as planning and innovating

Sauce Labs provides cloud environments to enable users to ensure mobile applications and websites function flawlessly on every browser, operating system, and device. Katalon Studio is a comprehensive and cross-platform automation for application programming interface (API), web, desktop and mobile testing for small-to-large software teams. Learn more 

“We believe this partnership is another step closer to simplifying journeys to the cloud between automation and continuous testing,” Lam continued.

Starting from version 6.2, Katalon Studio supports the latest versions of iOS and Android (iOS 13 and Android 9), as well as Appium versions 1.12.1 and Xcode 10.2. This allows greater flexibility to test web and applications under many more environments.

As part of the Katalon roadmap, our team is planning to roll out Katalon Studio version 6.3 in the future, which enables the recording and spying features in cloud-based services.

“Today’s software experience is becoming more customer-centric than ever before,” Lam believed. “The low tolerance of defects along with high demands for customer satisfaction have driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprises to provide better technology solutions. Partnering with Sauce Labs is one of our initiatives to elevate the customer experience for not only Katalon but also Sauce Labs users.”

This event marks another partnership between Katalon and a software provider company in the test automation industry. Katalon’s past and current service partners include CircleCI, Applitools, Sauce Labs, Kobiton, KMS Technology, to name a few.