Shifting Left with GPT - Katalon’s NEW GPT-powered Manual Test Generator for Jira

GPT-Powered Manual Test Generator by Katalon


We are thrilled to announce the first of many upcoming GPT-enabled features: manual test generation in Atlassian Jira, powered by Generative AI and Katalon TestOps’ integration. This new feature enables Jira users to generate test steps from a single button click within Jira issues. 


The manual test generator parses and analyzes the Jira ticket's description, extracts relevant information about software testing requirements, and outputs a set of comprehensive manual test cases tailored to the described test scenario. Developers, product owners, or QA team members can easily, and very early in the development pipeline, begin to create and collaborate on testing efforts for new and existing features. 

In the next couple months, we'll release many other features that incorporate GPT to enhance the authoring experience with suggestions for code options and recommended documentation, generate API tests, and further extend our support for manual testing. 

Katalon - Intelligence is built in, not bolted on.

Katalon has been researching, developing and releasing intelligent and AI-powered features for several years. Katalon Platform’s intelligent solutions include:

  • SmartWait and Self-healing - reduce the maintenance overhead of automated testing with automatic run-time error prevention and mediation. 
  • Visual Testing: specify if screenshot will be captured as part of a test execution using KS then review the results using TO. We use AI to identify critical UI changes to the layout and text content, reduce false positives and focus on changes that matter to humans.
  • Test Failure Analysis: automatically categorize failed test cases by root cause and recommend actions.
  • Test Flakiness: learn the status changing pattern from a test execution history and calculate its test flakiness.
  • Image Locator for Web and Mobile app tests (KS): locate UI elements by how it is rendered instead of using the object’s attributes.
  • Web Service Anomalies Detection (TO): detect APIs with abnormal performance 

And now we add GPT Manual Test Generation to the list with numerous GPT and AI-powered capabilities launching over the next couple of months.

Katalon GPT - the secret sauce

Many companies are incorporating GPT into their products, but oftentimes the results are really interesting at a glance, but are not particularly useful in real-world testing applications due to the nuances of testing. For manual test generation, Katalon engineered customized GPT prompts to meet the specific needs of manual testing.  Allowing Katalon to deliver tuned responses that generate manual tests that meet the expectations of QA professionals and software teams. 


As we release more GPT features, we'll continue enhancing a testing-focused GPT model in future releases, and will further deploy GPT in other areas of the platform.

Work smarter with simple integrations

The Katalon GPT Powered Manual Test Generator is built into our existing Atlassian Jira app and integrations. For Katalon customers this means no additional integrations are needed, you will just update the app, turn on the feature in Jira and you’ll have instant access to the Generate Manual Test button.


Getting started

We know our customers prefer different ways of being introduced to new solutions so you get to pick your own adventure. Register for Katalon TestOps (it’s free) and try out GPT Manual Test Generation for free along with all the other powerful planning, organizing, and reporting and analysis features of TestOps. Register now!

If you already use TestOps, follow this link to setup the Jira Integration.


Katalon’s Jira integration also enables:

  • Automated test result reporting and executions and screenshots attached
  • Requirements mapping with test cases and advanced Test Coverage
  • Release Readiness Reports
  • More collaboration and feedback between testing activities and development streams

Wrapping up

This release marks a significant milestone in software testing. By leveraging the power of GPT and years of experience in the software development lifecycle, we are providing developers, product owners, and QA teams with a seamless and efficient way to collaborate on testing efforts. 


This streamlined process not only saves time and effort but also allows for starting automation efforts earlier and provides a solid foundation for creating automated tests. With Katalon's GPT-powered manual test generation, software teams can shift left, collaborate early on quality, and work smarter, ultimately accelerating the software testing process and enhancing overall software quality.


This new integration of GPT into the Katalon platform further solidifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI-powered capabilities. We are thrilled about this announcement and are eager to hear your feedback. Join our community to engage in ongoing discussions and stay connected.

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