Katalon Studio 5.4 – Bring you to the next level of API Testing

Katalon Studio 5.4

Hi testers,

We are happy to announce the release of version 5.4 introducing all-new UI and features to fully support API testing in conjunction with the Functional automation component. By releasing new features and improvements responded to the community feedback on a monthly basis, Katalon Studio is strengthening its position as the top end-to-end automation solution for both pros and non-techies.

New features & improvements of Katalon Studio 5.4:

New API Testing

Fully support SOAP and REST API automation, the enhanced API component empowers automation engineers to combine, manipulate, and validate the functional scenario test cases easily and effectively by using the same IDE interface.

Katalon Studio users will have more capabilities to improve the API automation activities includes Query Parameters for REST request URL, support various HTTP Body message types and common information for HTTP Header, display more details in Response such as Status, Elapsed time, and package Size, and more.

API testing katalon studio


Execution Profiles

Test execution is more versatile in Katalon Studio v5.4. Automation tests can be executed dynamically by configurable profiles, defined by a combination of multiple attributes (environments, test data, platforms). Execution profiles enable Functional and API test execution integrated into the CI pipeline regardless of the test requirement complexity to meet the rapid demand of Agile software project.

Execution Profile katalon studio


Sensitive Text Encryption

Privacy and Security are crucial than ever to the software industry. Text encryption feature is introduced via the built-in “setEncryptedText” keyword. It allows users to encrypt any sensitive text right in the test case and capable to decrypt on-the-fly at runtime. Thus, the project team can collaborate and share test artifacts among members and stakeholder without any security concerns.

Sensitive Text Encryption katalon studio


Auto Update

Katalon Studio will deliver the newest version directly while letting users continue to work uninterrupted. The update process is configurable with options to Download Now, Remind Me Later, or Ignore This Update.


Templates for Custom Keywords

Adding the options to generate sample template when users create new custom keywords, the output can be selected as web, mobile or API custom keyword. 

Download now and discover this latest version of Katalon Studio, we hope you enjoy it. If you want to ask any Katalon Studio related questions or help other members out, please join us on Katalon forum.

Happy Testing,

The Katalon team.