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What is Parallel Testing?

Parallel testing is the practice of running tests simultaneously across environments, devices, and browsers through automation testing. 

Imagine that you need to test an eCommerce platform with a large customer base and hundreds of thousands of products. The number of test cases to be executed can reach millions, and they have to be tested across many environments also.

Executing tests in parallel cuts down time significantly, which then translates into improved efficiency.

What is Parallel Testing?

Parallel Testing: The benefits

By adopting parallel testing, testers can immediately:
  • 1 Reduce time and effort for test execution
  • 2 Accelerate time to market
  • 3 Achieve higher test coverage within the same time frame
  • 4 Optimize resource allocation
  • 5 Scale to accommodate the growing size and complexity of test suites
Parallel Testing: The benefits

Parallel Testing: The challenges

Of course, there’s a catch. To do parallel testing, you need to be aware of the following:
  • 1 Parallel testing on a single physical machine can create tampered test results.
  • 2 Cloud infrastructure needs to be properly set up to do parallel testing.
  • 3 Strong technical expertise is required to code automation test scripts.
  • 4 A lot of time and effort is required to update test scripts for every code change.
These challenges deter QA professionals from embracing parallel testing. However, at Katalon, we know that we can work smarter, not harder.
Parallel Testing: The challenges

How Katalon makes
Parallel Testing
a simple task

Test any application on any environment

Execute parallel tests for web, desktop, mobile, and API across any browser, device, and OS. Everything you need to test is unified in a single workspace.

Leverage cutting-edge AI features

Leverage innovative AI that boosts efficiency: manual test generation, AI co-author, actionable insights, zero-maintenance tests, and more.

Manage and schedule tests at ease

Centralize all tests and objects in a repository. Have complete visibility over your test operations. Schedule test suites to automatically run in parallel.

View detailed analytics

Generate reports for rich insights to make informed decisions. Integrates well with your tech stack for planning and strategizing.

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