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Quality Reports
Streamlining Salesforce Testing
Discover the ultimate guide to streamlining Salesforce testing.
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The Software Tester’s Handbook
Your beginner-friendly guide to software testing, from fundamental to advanced knowledge.
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Briding The Gap
Bridging The Gap Between Product Management & Test Automation
Understand how test automation levels up product management.
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15 Question for Agile QA Lead
Get Testing Done On Time 15 Questions for Agile QA Leads
Overcome testing challenges and streamline QA processes for teams.
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Manual to Automated Testing
Manual to Automated Testing 5 Essential Steps
Pair automation and manual testing to speed up repetitive tests and expand coverage.
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ML in Automation Testing
4 Practices to Apply AI/ML in Automation Testing
New possibilities for test automation through AI advancements.
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The State of Quality Report 2022
The State of Quality Report 2021 - 2022
Accelerate with actionable insights on the latest QA trends and techniques.
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Continuous Testing
The Continuous Testing Navigator for 2021-2022
Continuous testing benchmark and practical advice from experts.
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Test Automation LandScape in 2020
Test Automation Landscape in 2020
Reflections of diverse insights in 2020 that shape the future of testing.
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Staying Productive
Staying Productive When You Test From Home
Enable effective team collaboration through tools, technology, and resources.
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