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Execute Web, Mobile, and API Tests at Scale With Katalon

  • U.S: 1 JUNE, 2022 - 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific
  • EMEA + APAC: 2 JUNE, 2022 - 11 AM CEST / 2:30 PM IST

Teams with heavy testing workloads have to run thousands of test scripts in a short timeline. On top of that, they have to execute various types of tests, including web, mobile, API, and desktop, all on one CI/CD pipeline.

Optimizing this testing workload is not easy, but it can be achieved and sustainably managed with the right platform.

Get ready to learn: 

  • Reduce test runtime by 20% or more with self-healing and parallel test execution.
  • Learn best practices on test execution and pipeline optimization.
  • Discover how to run various types of automated tests at scale.
Our speakers
Michael Chris Dion
Michael Chris Dion
Solutions Engineer
at Katalon, Inc.
Over the past six years, Chris Dion has been a Solution Engineer for multiple portfolios that focus on establishing high-quality standards through automation testing. For most of that time frame, Chris specialized in functional testing, where he has implemented automation for customers of various industries.
Emma Huynh
Emma Huynh
Account Executive at Katalon
Emma is an account executive at Katalon whose focus is on helping companies ship better releases faster and at scale. She is currently helping QA teams across industries solve real-world problems for DevOps, Engineering, and QA teams to help them deliver world-class products. Emma is also the owner of blog, where she shares common challenges QA teams face while adopting test automation and how to overcome them.