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How to Reduce Selenium Scripts Maintenance by up to 90%


04:30 PM (IST)


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Selenium script maintenance can be a nightmare. Even a minor UI change can flood QA teams with endless repetitive work while leaving broken locators and web loading issues undetected.

In this webinar, Katalon experts will show how you can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce Selenium script maintenance by up to 90%.

Highlights of the talk include:

  • Top challenges when maintaining Selenium scripts
  • How top teams handle Selenium’s broken locators and loading issues
  • Hacks to reduce Selenium script maintenance by up to 90%
Our speaker
May Tran
May Tran
Business Solutions Manager
Previously a Boston-based community organizer who advocates for progressive causes, now May has become an integral part of the Katalon Business Development Team. Through her work, she has effectively helped clients identify their automation needs, give them advice based on the industry insights, and successfully increase the productivity of their testing pipeline.
Avinash Ranganatha
Avinash Ranganatha
Solution Consultant
Avinash is a veteran in test automation and DevOps with over 15 years of experience mainly in Test Automation, DevOps, Product management, and Pre-Sales. His most recent position was Chief Consultant (Test Automation and DevOps) at DevOn, India. As Katalon’s Solution Consultant, Avinash helps users understand and utilize Katalon’s product to the full extent.