Webinar Recap: Codeless Automation Testing with Katalon and LambdaTest

Webinar Recap: Codeless Automation Testing

Last week, our team at Katalon collaborated with LambdaTest, presenting the webinar: Codeless Automation Testing with Katalon and LambdaTest.

More and more technological solutions have been introduced to help businesses stay relevant. Software development must alter the way they operate to keep up with the ever-changing dynamic of the industry. Simply put, the more complex their businesses are, the more simple and streamlined their operations should be.

In quality assurance (QA), especially, a number of test automation tools have yet to prioritize this benefit. Some tools still require testers to reach a certain programming level. The problem is, testers are not always developers. And this knowledge gap could cause hindrance to your entire business’ workflow.

That’s why Katalon partnered with LambdaTest to build a feature that enables testers to create automated tests easily and extend full test coverage—without any lines of code. Here are the takeaways from the webinar:

Current Challenges in Automated Testing

Automated testing challenges

The 2019-20 World Quality Report by Capgemini compiled the five main challenges that QA teams often struggle with. Three of these challenges are associated with levels of programming skills:

#1 challenge: We have difficulties to automate because our applications change too much with every release.

The reason why automation is hard to adopt is not because of the test creating phase, but due to the lack of out-of-the-box features that allow the tool to cope with changes of the application under test (AUT).

#2 challenge: Challenge with test data and environment availability and stability.

This is due to the lack of supported environments for testers to inspect the AUT across multiple browsers and platforms—let alone doing so in an efficient manner. However, the integration between Katalon and LambdaTest can help solve this concern.

#3 challenge: We lack skilled and experienced test automation resources.

Even though automation is no longer new, the skill that QA specialists possess, sometimes, is insufficient to fully implement an automation project. This is one of the main obstacles that make test automation newcomers feel overwhelmed. To help eliminate the issue, the Katalon team has been focusing on building features that are usable for all levels of expertise.

Katalon Studio for Testers of All Levels

Katalon is not only an automation testing tool but an entire solution. From creating tests, managing projects, integrating with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems, to analyzing reports, you can do it all in one platform.

  • Katalon Studio: build test scripts and execute test cases without required programming skills
  • Katalon Runtime Engine: an add-on to execute test cases in console mode or command-line interface
  • Katalon TestOps: Export test results and view from dashboards, with the assistance of smart analytics

Built for Continuous Testing

All features in Katalon Studio are designed to be scalable. No matter what your expertise in testing or programming is, Katalon Studio allows you to perform QA tasks with the most minimal effort, at any stage of continuous testing.

  • Test management: integrate with Jira, qTest, and TestRail
  • Source control: integrate with GitHub, GitLab, Visual Studio
  • CI/CD: integrate with Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI, 
  • Cloud services: integrate with LambdaTest, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs

Features for Codeless Testing

Katalon Studio 7 Key Features

To continue our support for codeless automated testing, we introduced Katalon Studio 7. Our latest version is packed with features that are easy to adopt, and powerful to scale:

Easy-to-adopt features

  • Smart XPath: When an AUT changes, the thing that corrupts the most is the element location. Smart XPath automatically locates those elements to avoid hassles during each new release.
  • Smart Wait: This feature takes care of Selenium’s timing issues that are due to front-end processing. Learn more
  • Image-based recognition: In the first release of this feature, you can interact with the application elements with keywords. Moving forward, we are planning to have a mechanism behind which will capture images whenever you interact with an element.

Powerful-to-scale features

  • Desktop app testing: If you plan to extend your application to desktop, you can test it right in Katalon Studio.
  • Test objects sharing: Allowing you to import and export test artifacts across Katalon Studio projects without writing scripts.
  • Test objects refactoring: This is an ability to view and manage the unused test objects within a few clicks.

Learn more on how to integrate Katalon and LambdaTest into API testing

Extend Test Coverage with Katalon/LambdaTest Integration

LambdaTest offers over 2,000 real browsers and operating systems to perform live interactive testing and seamless collaboration.

This integration—which is already built in Katalon Studio—allows you to maximize the potential of cross-browser testing to ensure your application works across every platform. Here are what you can benefit:

  1. Extend your test environments in the cloud
  2. Run Selenium automated tests directly from Katalon Studio instances 
  3. Execute parallel tests and view reports in either Katalon TestOps or LambdaTest
  4. Analyze and extract Selenium test reports
  5. Integrate with the CI/CD ecosystem
  6. Detect and annotate errors

You will also receive detailed test logs of your script execution with time stamp, network logs, metadata, Selenium logs, video logs, command logs of the entire execution. Learn more

Check out the entire presentation by watching the full webinar on-demand. This webinar is a part of the Katalon Partnership Program. To learn more about the opportunities to foster innovation and serve the IT community, discover our Partnership Program.