Announcing Katalon TestOps January 2022 Release

Katalon TestOps Release

Happy New Year Katalians!  

We hope you had a great holiday season and have enjoyed a productive start to 2022. Here at Katalon, we’ve been hard at work preparing the first 2022 release of TestOps. This release includes support for the public release of Katalon TestCloud and test suite creation and execution from within TestOps. Read on to learn more.

TestCloud & TestOps Integration

Start Your TestCloud Trial from TestOps

TestOps users are now able to try TestCloud, Katalon’s cloud-based SaaS automated test execution solution. TestCloud allows customers to go from zero to multiple parallel test execution pipelines to expedite automated testing execution and reduce the pressure to limit/reduce quality testing, or worse delay software releases, due to resource constraints or time.

Start Your TestCloud GA Trial from TestOps

Test Execution

Reload Script Repo Contents

Users often need to refresh/reload the latest changes from their script repository in order to run the latest version of an automated test. Users can now update their test scripts from their script repository from three different areas within TestOps:

Test ManagementTest Management on TestOps

Script RepositoryScript Repository on TestOps

Schedule Test RunSchedule Test Run on TestOps


Support for the Leading Git Repository Providers

We’ve added additional support for the leading Git-based source code management providers. You can now integrate TestOps into your provider of choice and elevate your TestOps processes. Managing your test scripts in a repository versus a file location is a critical step in elevating your ability to work within DevOps pipelines.  

When a user integrates a supported script repository, they will be able to:

  • Browse the test cases and test suites of a Katalon Studio project in that script repo in Test Management.
  • Select a test suite/collection directly from a dropdown list to schedule a test run.
  • Create a new test suite using test scripts from that script repo and execute it on their chosen environments on TestOps.

Updated list of supported repositories: 

  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab
  • Azure Repos 
  • Coming soon (Q1 2022): Amazon CodeCommit

Test Suite Management Updates

Test Suite Creation and Execution in TestOps

In previous releases, in order to execute a collection of test cases on TestOps, the user needed to create (1) a test suite out of those test cases, (2) a test suite collection in Katalon Studio using that test suite, then (3) push to the script repository, and (4) refresh the repository on TestOps, and finally (5) schedule a test run using the test suite collection.

With this release, the same process takes only two steps: (1) users can now create a new test suite using test cases from an integrated script repo directly in TestOps, and (2) then use the new test suite to schedule test runs. This greatly simplifies and centralizes test suite management within TestOps, and allows for greater collaboration between QA and DevOps teams.

Test Suite Directory View

In previous TestOps releases, test suites were extracted from test execution data and displayed in a “flat list.” Essentially, there was no way to navigate a folder structure of the test suites. A new Test Suite Directory view has been added to the Test Suite view that delivers an improved user experience for viewing and navigating test suites.






In Case You Missed It

Wrapping Up

We are planning some amazing improvements and new capabilities for TestOps and the Katalon Platform in 2022. We hope you find the updates in this release both useful and helpful in enabling your teams to be more collaborative and productive.  

For a complete list of the new features, improvements, and fixes, please visit the release notes.

As always, please post any questions, ideas, or concerns in our community. We are eager to hear from you.