Test Automation Landscape in 2020 Report | Examine Current and Future Disruptive Trends

Test Automation Landscape in 2020 Report

Amid the unprecedented year of 2020, the state of software testing continues to fluctuate. To better understand current trends, the Katalon team, conducted a comprehensive report to empower individuals and organizations and help them better adapt to “the new normal.”

ATLANTA, GA – September 28, 2020 – Katalon, Inc. released a report on the current landscape of test automation based on the answers of 5,000+ respondents worldwide. Its purpose is to gather valuable insights and highlight recent best practices to aid the testing community in formulating data-driven strategies and solutions.

Overview of the report’s methodology and demographics:

  • 20 questions survey focusing on the participants’ experience with test automation in the context of their teams and organizations. ​
  • 43% of participants were in software development and IT, and 57% were in industries outside of technology—most notably, banking, finance, healthcare, and telecommunication.

The report has 3 main parts covering different aspects of automation testing and providing a rundown of modern software development.

  1. Facts and trends that illustrate the continued adoption of test automation and why companies are accelerating adoption out of necessity.
  2. Different teams’ approaches to automation testing, deciding factors, and how they influence teams when choosing testing tools.
  3. Advancements (i.e. new techniques and approaches) that many users are anticipating to improve their testing experience and help them stay competitive.

“In today’s market, enterprises must compete through faster innovation and delivery of high-quality software that satisfies their end-users’ needs,” said Vu Lam, CEO of Katalon. “Our mission is to help teams build better software faster through practical, innovative, and cohesive testing solutions. And through the insights in this report, we hope to fulfill our mission by empowering you to make well-informed decisions and be prepared for the future,” he added.

Test Landscape Report 2020: Automation Testing Presence & Future


Test Landscape Report 2020: Automation Testing Tools Landscape



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