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Katalon Launches New Partner Program and Partner Portal

Katalon Partners Portal

Katalon's partner network has grown significantly during the last year. To assist strategic partners with digital transformation initiatives and to leverage the rising market need for test automation, Katalon has announced the launch of its new Solution Partner Program and Partner Portal. 

The Katalon Solution Partner Program provides a simple and transparent partnership framework designed for testing and DevOps services organizations to help their customers adopt and scale test automation programs. The program provides partners with several benefits including an opportunity to earn enhanced margins on product resell, services revenue opportunities via the creation and promotion of Katalon service packages, and the ability to showcase their brand and customer successes via the Katalon website and other joint marketing events.

"The Katalon Solution Partner Program is the next step in Katalon's channel strategy, and builds upon our early success with our valued partners," said Matt Sandberg, Vice President of Partnerships at Katalon. "We are fully committed to the channel and have structured our hiring and our partner program to reflect the value we place on our partners' contributions. We're committing significant resources to supporting partner growth in 2022 to ensure that our joint customers are well adopted and successful."

Concurrent with the launch of the Katalon Solution Partner Program, Katalon is also launching the Katalon Partner Portal available at The portal will provide a single location for partners to access important partnership materials, for learning and best practices, and for opportunity registration and management.

"Software quality is a critical driver of business success and organizations are embracing test automation as a way to improve test coverage and speed to ensure high performing systems. KMS Solution's partnership with Katalon has provided a foundation for our teams to help our customers adopt Test Automation in a manner that is easy to learn and quick to get started, and can also scale as our customers mature their test automation practices," said Abhishek Nema, COO at KMS Solutions. "We're excited about the benefits that Katalon's new Partner Program will offer as we continue to grow our partnership."

The introduction of this partner program enables testing and DevOps-focused services organizations to build new and innovative paths to profitability while delivering solutions that help transform customers' software development processes to drive higher quality and accelerated software delivery. The program's mission is to collaborate closely with highly qualified partners to ensure customer success with a compelling compensation structure for partners. The Katalon Solution Partner Program offers four tiers: Member, an entry-level tier for new partners; Silver, the mid-level tier for partners with proven customer success; and the Gold and Platinum tiers, the highest levels for partners who have demonstrated customer success at scale.

Benefits for partners include:

  • Brand development: Katalon partners can promote their brand and services on Katalon's Partner Locator and through joint marketing events and co-branded Katalon marketing materials.
  • Services differentiation: Katalon provides a comprehensive framework for partners to develop service packages that can be promoted on the Katalon Partner Locator and in the market broadly.
  • GTM acceleration: Predictable partner pricing, resell margin, access to a partner pricing calculator, and deal registration with protection are all benefits of partnership with Katalon.
  • Training and support: Katalon partners receive access to non-production product licenses, access to Katalon courses on the Katalon Academy, and deal pursuit support from the Katalon Partner team.
  • Katalon Partner Portal access: Partners can stay informed about Katalon products, strategy, programs and access to resources, including access to sales and marketing tools.

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