Meetup Recap – Script-less Automation Platform with Katalon Studio

Meetup Software Testing Philippines

Dear all,

It’s been a great honor for Katalon Studio to be introduced in the July Software Testing Meetup in the Philippines on July 26th, 2018. Thanks QE is the new QA and Yoni Flenner for your interest and support to Katalon Studio.

In case you missed the event,  you may now refer to the recorded video below. Our credit to QE is the new QA for the copyright of this video:

Please also find the answers to questions raised during the event via Facebook.

1/. What’s the difference between Katalon and Selenium IDE?

Katalon Studio is a test automation solution that leverages Selenium’s core engine. Although it uses several Selenium functionalities, it is not simply a Selenium wrapper. This document offers a detailed comparison of Katalon and Selenium-based open-source frameworks, focusing on key features such as target users, deployment, test management and scripting language support, performance, usability, and integration with other tools.

2/. What advantages does Katalon Studio have over other tools like UIPath?

Katalon Studio allows users with less experience in programming background to work effortlessly by providing a predefined automation framework with hundreds of built-in keywords. Users can also leverage Record and Spy feature to capture objects and generate test scripts quickly. This article provides an excellent comparison of Katalon Studio among other testing tools.

3/. Does this tool use the Selenium Webdriver?

Katalon Studio is built on top of Selenium and Appium. For more details, check out an overview of the tool here.

4/. Is this tool supported by W3C?

We are a software test automation solution without the support of W3C. You can check out our license agreement here.

5/. Does Katalon support TinyMCE?

Though we have not tested Katalon Studio with TinyMCE, you are welcome to try it and share the results with us. We’d love to hear the outcome of your test on our Community page.

6/. Can Katalon Studio execute on different web browsers?

Katalon Studio supports running automation tests on various web browsers. Check this list for all supported browsers.

7/. Can I use this to automate mobile apps too?

Katalon Studio can be used to perform automation testing on mobile applications, specifically on Android and iOS devices. Check this list for all supported mobile environments.

8/. Can Katalon Studio execute mobile browser automation tests on physical devices?

Katalon Studio can be used to perform automation testing on mobile browsers, specifically on Android and iOS devices. Check this list for all supported mobile environments. Additionally, we provide a tutorial to guide you through performing an automation test for web applications on mobile devices.

9/. Can we use Katalon Studio for non-web applications? Specifically desktop apps?

Currently, Katalon Studio only supports Web, Mobile and API automation testing. Testing desktop application is not our focus for now, so it is not automatable using Katalon Studio. Though Katalon Studio doesn’t support testing desktop app directly, there is a tip for you to import Winium package to test desktop applications.

  • Updated:
    We’re glad to update that from version 7.0, Katalon can support Web, Desktop, Mobile and API automation testing.

10/. Can the users import files to Katalon?

Yes, Katalon Studio supports Java code/libraries to build custom keywords. Refer to Create a Custom Keyword and Import a Java library for more details.

11/. Is database validation possible in Katalon?

You can validate your database with Katalon Studio using our Manage Checkpoint feature. Please refer to this documentation for more details on how to create and manage a checkpoint.

12/. Is it possible to create a test without having test objects in the object repository?

It is possible to create a test without having test objects repository. However, it’s required intermediate to advanced programming skills to create your test using our Scripting feature.

13/. For those steps that are not captured by the web recorder, what are the other options to capture that object?

We offer Spy Web Utility to capture test objects. Additionally, you can manually add the object to the object repository.

14/. What is the best thing to do when an object is not found during an app’s execution but it’s already existed in the object repository?

This will depend on your test plan/strategy and requirements. However, you can try debugging your test case to see if any immediate solutions can be made.

15/. Can you use your machine while running the test cases? Is it sensitive to user input during test runs?

You can run your test cases/suites in the background with Katalon Studio. We don’t collect users personal data or application under test information except for feature usage for internal KPI report and tool version for update notification. You can opt out by using the firewall to block data/network traffic to suit the security policy.

16/. Can Katalon Studio integrate with Google Spreadsheet?

Though Katalon Studio doesn’t support integration with Google Spreadsheet, you can manage your test data through Excel.

17/. Does Katalon also have a reporting feature?

Yes, Katalon Studio is built in with a reporting feature, from console log, HTML, JSON, to email reports. Additionally, Katalon Studio supports integration with TestOps (beta) (Previously called Katalon Analytics), a test reporting visualization, allowing the users to access in-depth views of test execution reports through powerful visualization including charts, graphs, and metrics.

Still have other questions regarding Katalon Studio? Please visit Katalon Studio website or Join Katalon Community for further discussions.

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Katalon Team.